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Design of PLC control system for fully automatic packaging of plate stacking

I. Introduction

mineral wool sound-absorbing board is a new building decoration material put into production last year. The most advanced Japanese full set of automatic plate production line in the 1990s was introduced, which can produce mineral wool sound-absorbing plates of different thickness, different specifications and different colors at the same time. However, due to the high cost of original packaging line equipment in Japan, and there is no such automatic plate stacking packaging line in China in the future, our center has developed this automatic packaging line and has been put into use

this automatic packaging line is the successor equipment of the automatic plate production line. Due to the finished plate of mineral wool board (specification: 300mm × 600mm) is transported by the drying kiln side by side in two ways, so this automatic packaging line also has two independent shunting, turnover and stacking systems. Finally, it is unified through the packaging section, and then enters the plastic packaging section to complete the packaging task. According to the process requirements, the packaging line should be able to realize: (1) automatic plate turnover, that is, the first plate is buckled on the second plate after turnover, so that the two plates keep face-to-face contact, which will cause error contact in the test results. (2) Automatic stacking, that is, stacking the opposite plates of different specifications after turnover into a stack according to different quantities. (3) Automatic packing, i.e. placing a stack of boards on the carton board with a manipulator, automatically packing a stack of boards after this section, and bonding them into a box. (4) Plastic packaging, that is, plastic packaging of the packed box

II. Main equipment and control scheme of the control system

this automatic packaging line is a typical logic sequence control production line, with a wide range of detection elements, complex logic relations, difficult to realize actions, and nearly 400 i/o points. In addition to the frequency converter, the controlled equipment also includes a set of single axis AC servo system and a set of glue spraying system. As the production line is long and the equipment is relatively independent and centralized, three sub controllers are set up under the central control cabinet in sections according to the principle that the equipment can be controlled nearby, which is promoted by relevant national policies. The remote i/o system composed of omron-c200hg is used to complete the control scheme. The control system structure closes the oil control valve as shown in the figure:

in the figure above, omron-rm201 master station unit is used to connect three omron-rt201 slave station units through RS485 communication port. The servo system consists of Ohm odc-1001 controller, Panasonic dv80x driver and servo motor. Servo can be directly controlled by input device (odc-1001) or central control cabinet panel, which is controlled by two independent i/o units of PLC. The glue spraying system has an independent sol temperature control circuit, and PLC provides the control signal of glue spraying solenoid valve. The automatic packaging line has the following functions:

(1) automatic operation of the whole line

(2) each section operates independently and automatically

(3) local control and manual operation of field equipment

(4) each control cabinet is equipped with an emergency stop button, and the manipulator and servo machine are equipped with special emergency stop buttons

(to be continued)

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