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Buke electric mt5000 series product change notice

first of all, thank you for your long-term support to our company. At the same time, in order to better help you better understand our product line and facilitate the selection and purchase of our products, we will use different models to distinguish our different human-machine interface products. Therefore, we re optimize the human-machine interface of mt5000 series, The specific changes are as follows:

the video interface on the original mt5600t and mt5700t products of the 5000 series will be cancelled, and the new products will not be equipped with video interface; If you need to use the video function, please order our mt5020 series mt5620t and mt5720 accessories and things respectively. Generally, they should be marked with the response logo and specification T

mt5020 product picture

1. Introduction to universal mechanical experimental machine for College Teaching:

the reason for changing the name is mainly to facilitate your selection and purchase. Thank you for your understanding! Sorry for the inconvenience! At the same time, thank you for your long-term love of this product

the new increment in 2018 is mainly from the 10000 ton phase I project of Qinghai lithium resources company


1) mt5620mt5720 products support standard PAL video signals, and adopt standard BNC video connectors with their own advantages

2) for matters related to this notice, please contact our sales personnel or agents

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