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Changsha AI programming education and training center

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Changsha AI programming education and training center since the 20th century, Robot education has received the attention of countries all over the world. The survey shows that robot education has been very mature in many foreign countries, such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries, and robot education has been included in primary and secondary school courses in many countries

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why can robot education do this? Let children "play" with robots from the bottom of their hearts

as soon as you mention the training course, you will think of traditional subjects such as calligraphy, painting, steel 4 and piano with the permission of the test piece. Now the emerging robot education is gradually on the right track. In the robot course, almost all children are full of interest and concentration throughout the course, and even have the desire to "have another lesson" after the course

because robot education is very interesting, there are hundreds of various structural parts in the teaching aid set used in robot courses, which gives children a big platform to give full play to their creativity, and they can design all kinds of robots

we never deny any idea of any child. There is no good or bad, no right or wrong, only different ideas. In the eyes of children, the process of making robots is a process of playing. They like this kind of education method of "learning by playing" from the bottom of their hearts

robot education of Changsha artificial intelligence programming education and training center can be said to be a popular educational activity in the current science and technology education and training industry. In 2009, robot education has entered university education, and has been included in the courses of automation, artificial intelligence and other related majors, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harbin University of technology, and the national defense science and Technology University of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, and has decided to complete the division and reorganization of one into three in the second quarter of 2019. Domestic colleges and universities have offered robot related courses

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let children hold the whole journey

robot education is different from other course education. We hand over the classroom to children, let them judge the task and site conditions by themselves, and then design and write the program to achieve the task or avoid accidents

when we give the classroom to children, the naughty students will also show their heart for the task. These emotions make children full of sense, pay more attention, and can better learn the course

Changsha artificial intelligence programming education and training center

the concept of education lies in educating people, while robot education lies in comprehensive quality. The future society needs capable elites with scientific literacy. Therefore, in order to adapt to the changes of the future society, our children need diversified abilities. Robot education is a kind of comprehensive quality education

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let children take the initiative to find and solve problems

unlike the exam oriented education of "opening the mouth with food and reaching out with clothes", there will be no indoctrination of knowledge in robot education courses. It requires students to constantly find and analyze problems in the process of practice, and should also stop automatically. Teachers only play a guiding and enlightening role in the course, and the solution of post problems also depends on students' own practice and exploration to get the answer

robot education tends to be hardware, while programming education tends to be software

most robot education in China is mainly DIY assembly of electronic components and other components and assembly of intelligent programming robot kits on open-source hardware platforms such as picoboard and Arduino. Although there are also robot hardware courses that combine software to compile and publish operation instructions, almost all of them are optimized based on preset program modules, rather than creating from zero to one

that is to say, the programming part involved in robot education only allows children to splice stored program modules, without thinking about development and design in person, and will not teach advanced programming languages. This is why some parents make their children feel simpler after learning robot people

programming education aims at the learning of programming language and the cultivation of computational thinking. It needs to peel off the modules layer by layer and learn the core logic, algorithm, grammar and structure. From the cultivation of logical thinking and abstract thinking, to teaching children to use "programming thinking", and then using algorithm design to solve practical problems. Among them, the representative children's programming introductory language is scratch. After completing the introductory study, you will enter the study of high-level programming languages such as python, c++, etc. Focus on thinking training

Changsha artificial intelligence programming education and training center

at present, the form of intelligent robot education entering primary and secondary schools is mainly reflected in competition activities and school education

in schools, intelligent robots are introduced into the information technology education curriculum of primary and secondary schools as the content of information technology courses, and intelligent robot education is gradually popularized. This form is in the development stage. In recent years, robot science popularization has become a hot topic in schools. Primary and secondary schools in some provinces and cities have begun to introduce artificial intelligence, robot education and other related courses into the basic curriculum teaching system, Some robot education and training institutions are also actively promoting robot education, such as the No. 1 whole brain robot. Robot science popularization in 2018 has become an important part of the teaching operation system

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different application scenarios and prospects

robot education is very dependent on the robot itself, emphasizing the cultivation of hands-on operation ability and physical knowledge. The content of the course is composed of hardware knowledge and programming knowledge. Often, the proportion of hardware knowledge will be more than programming knowledge, while the programming knowledge involved in most domestic robot institutions only stays in the primary education stage, so once you leave the robot, The programming knowledge children learn may be useless

programming education is a course based on software project development and design, which involves interaction with hardware. This part is similar to robot education, but the height of programming is unlimited. Through visual graphic programming, code programming and robot programming, children can choose their own language, and can design games, pages, apps, animation, music, ar/vr, Children who learn programming can engage in most programming related jobs in the future, and robots are only a small part of them. Not only in terms of employment and study in the future, but also from the perspective of policy guidance, programming education has a clear trend to turn into just needed education. Learning harvest Shenzhen, China has a processing center for Tyvek post-processing, which is the same and different

robot programming and children's programming can cultivate children's logical thinking ability and abstract thinking ability; Cultivate observation and patience; Cultivate hands-on ability, cooperation ability and creativity; Improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems. The connection of robot physical hardware emphasizes hands-on ability, while children's programming involves a wider range of logical thinking, mathematics, English, physics and other K12 disciplines. Pay more attention to improving children's ability to use science, mathematics, art and other knowledge to solve life problems

Changsha artificial intelligence programming education and training center

the concept of education lies in educating people, while robot education lies in comprehensive quality. The future society needs capable elites with scientific literacy. Therefore, in order to adapt to the changes of the future society, our children need diversified abilities. Robot education is a kind of comprehensive quality education

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