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Plastic limit: it is better to change production than to stop production

June 1 is the first day of the implementation of the plastic limit order. A visit to Lutun Town, Yingkou City, the largest plastic bag production base in Northeast China, found that nearly 400 plastic bag production enterprises here are mostly in the state of shutdown. Because of the plastic restriction order, our factory has not received an order for more than 20 days and can only stop production. Xuhongwen, the person in charge of Xingda plastic factory in Lutun Town, told me. (Xinhua Daily Telegraph, June 3)

from the perspective of many plastic bag production enterprises in Northeast China, their shutdown is to some extent forced and helpless. It is subject to the plastic restriction order. They have not received orders and can only stop production. If you receive an order, you may have to produce. It seems that the plastic limit order is not omnipotent. The key is how to limit plastic, and how to make it clear by looking at the equipment manual; Then let's take a look at the reputation and reputation of this brand. Plastic production enterprises consciously accept plastic restrictions, truly realize the significance of plastic restrictions from plastic restrictions, and get rid of the production of plastic products

the author believes that for plastic production enterprises, it is better to let them take the initiative to change production and produce plastic substitutes through technology transfer. Change passivity into initiative. On the one hand, take the initiative in implementing national policies, on the other hand, seek new development opportunities and development space for enterprises, so that enterprises 1. Maximum experimental force: 6000kn; In a virtuous circle, the enterprise can significantly improve its adaptability, which also provides and creates preconditions for strengthening the enterprise to replace new belts to fight risks

according to the analysis of interviews and reports, most enterprises producing plastic bags in Northeast China were in a state of shutdown when the plastic restriction order was implemented, which may be temporary. If it is long-term, these enterprises are not as simple as stopping production, and are likely to close down and go bankrupt. Just ask, which enterprise is willing to sit and wait for bankruptcy. The enterprise that originally depended on the production of plastic bags to survive suddenly stopped production. It can cope with the short-term shutdown. Who can afford it after a long time

therefore, from the current surface situation, the enterprises that produce plastic bags are in a state of shutdown, which can only be said to be temporary, and it is likely to continue production. Once the representatives of the production participants gave a message: plastic bag enterprises continue to produce, then what is the use of this plastic restriction order

rather than forcing the plastic bag production enterprises to stop production, let them take the initiative to change production and make an issue of producing substitutes, which not only solves the problem of enterprise survival, but also solves the problem of environmental protection. Why not have the best of both worlds

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