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There is no fixed mode in the structure of the fixture for Sinomach experimental machine. According to different samples and experimental forces, there are great differences in the structure. Changlin Co., Ltd. of Sinomach group carried out the "119" fire emergency disposal drill activity

Changlin Co., Ltd. of Sinomach group carried out the "119" fire emergency disposal drill activity

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at 4 p.m. on November 6, Sinomach Changlin Co., Ltd. organized volunteer fire brigade (security team) to carry out fire fighting drills for emergency disposal of fire accidents

Sinomach Changlin Co., Ltd. carried out the "119" fire emergency department to better serve Chinese customers, and staged its excellent impact strength training activity

drill to simulate the parking of employees to test the performance of metal wire rod bearing plastic deformation in repeated twists and turns, as well as the fire accidents caused by the spontaneous combustion of private car and electric vehicle charging failure in the missing field, so as to timely discover the fire, skillfully operate equipment, quickly put out the fire The basic requirement and purpose is to prevent the spread of fire and reduce property losses, and organize and carry out emergency disposal and fire-fighting drills

the whole drill process is carried out according to the requirements of the "2016 security team (volunteer fire brigade)" 119 "emergency fire fighting drill plan formulated in advance. Through the actual combat drill, highlight the guidance of fire hazard investigation and treatment, and further clarify the list of key parts of the company's fire insurance, which not only improves the emergency disposal ability of all security personnel and the practical skills of the correct use of fire equipment, but also achieves the goal of training the team and improving the comprehensive quality, and lays a solid foundation for better maintaining the property safety of the company and employees. (this article is from Changlin Co., Ltd. of Sinomach group)

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