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Changes in North American liner shipping in the past 11 years

liner service on North American routes has always been the focus of major liners' competition for the market in 2011. Although the operation law, cargo changes and east-west cargo load of this route has been shrinking in the continuous development since then, many changes and changes have taken place in the past 11 years. The laws and mysteries can be accurately understood through figures

traditionally, China Eastern Airlines has actively built a leading new material industry base in China, strong in the West and weak in the West. In the past 11 years, the eastern transportation volume has increased by 4million boxes, an increase of 1.3 times, while the Western transportation volume has only increased by 50%, with negative growth for three times during the period, while the annual container transportation volume of the eastern transportation has increased, three quarters of which has increased rapidly in the four years after 1997, with a double-digit increase every year, which is related to the economic boom of the United States

on the east route, China's exports have dominated, accounting for only 7.8 percentage points of the total proportion of routes in 1990, accounting for 416% in 2000, an increase of about four times, while the proportion of Japanese goods has decreased from 277% in the same period to 115%. East front five goods: furniture, toys, computers, shoes, auto parts

the annual volume of containers transported westward increased by only 1.1 million containers in 11 years. Due to the severe impact of the Asian financial crisis, the volume of containers fell by 134% in 1998, and began to recover to the level of 1997 last year

there are also obvious differences from the unloading place. The same as the east line, the trend is that the goods to China are increasing, and the goods to Japan are decreasing. The goods to China have increased from 3.5 percentage points to 197% in 11 years, and the goods to Japan have decreased from 391% in the same period to 297%. And the top five goods in the west direction: paper, frozen meat, logs and wood, agricultural product testing machine, printer installation method, pet feed

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