Changes in the packaging of the hottest drugs

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Changes in drug packaging

drug packaging, like food packaging, cosmetic packaging and many other commodity packaging, has the functions of protecting commodities, facilitating use and promoting sales; Because the main function of drugs is to protect and improve human health, drug packaging has special requirements for packaging with weak R & D ability with other commodity equipment, which not only ensures that the performance of drugs will not be affected, such as some to prevent damage and fragmentation, and some to prevent the corrosive deterioration of temperature and odor. In short, it is necessary to ensure the safe use of drugs and safeguard the treatment rights and interests of consumers (patients)

drug packaging is divided into traditional Chinese medicine packaging and chemical medicine packaging. Traditional Chinese medicine packaging has a long history, rich resources, unique medical theory and effective packaging methods; Such as wax shell pill packaging, horn or porcelain bottle particles and other small packaging. With the development of modern packaging materials, new packaging processes and technologies, many Chinese patent medicines are now packed in plastic bottles and capsules. Some traditional Chinese medicines are made into injectable injections, and some oral liquids also use a large number of bent neck easy to fold ampoules and easy to turn on bottles. Great changes have taken place

as long as the packaging of chemical drugs entered the 1980s, it began to change and develop rapidly. The goal of upgrading pharmaceutical packaging materials and packaging devices was clarified. At the same time, advanced technology was introduced from abroad in a planned and targeted way, and a layer of material technology equipment was added to the printing layer, and the original equipment was also digested and transformed. With the development of the pharmaceutical industry and domestic advanced technology providing new development opportunities for other industrial fields, information exchange, many new packaging materials, pharmaceutical packaging equipment, etc. are constantly being applied in pharmaceutical packaging. In terms of materials, such as plastics, aluminum-plastic composites, etc; In terms of production equipment, such as the introduction of aluminum-plastic production equipment; Plastic bottle production line, etc. At the same time, various pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment developed by China are also emerging. Subsequently, the degree of mechanization and automation of drug packaging is getting higher and higher

to sum up, after the attention of the party and the state and the joint efforts of the whole industry, the original backwardness of drug packaging in China has been greatly improved. At present, it has its own new and advanced packaging materials and containers that can be produced, which basically meet the needs of pharmaceutical product production. However, it is undeniable that some materials and containers are still lacking in variety and specification, and some packaging machinery and equipment are not advanced enough, so they still need to be imported. There is still a gap from ensuring drug quality, drug safety, convenience and reaching the international advanced level

we should cherish the progress made in drug packaging over the years, and continue to mobilize the whole pharmaceutical packaging world. On the existing basis, with the continuous development of China's petrochemical, chemical, non-ferrous metal, machinery and other basic industries, and with the development of science, technology, culture and education, we are committed to giving full play to the protection of drug packaging and adapting to drug performance, efficacy, and maintaining the safety and convenience of consumers, Strive to make greater progress and new achievements in the new era of economic globalization

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