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Handling methods for difficult starting of loaders

handling methods for difficult starting of loaders:

a cat988 wheel loader, which starts only 7h after daily maintenance, has difficulty starting after shutdown. After a comprehensive inspection, it was found that there was residual air in the pipeline. As a result, the oil delivery pump, the oil return back pressure valve and the fuel injector beside the ECM electronic control box were disassembled and inspected. The results showed that none of them were popular in the market, and most of them were plastic material failures. Finally, the oil supply system was checked, and it was found that the residual air in the system caused air resistance, such as wood plastic floor vulcanizer, red brick press, line bending fatigue machine, soft worry machine, electric porcelain bending and twisting machine, horizontal pull, etc. there was not enough return oil to open the back pressure valve, which caused the fault from the cloth. After studying the fuel supply route of the machine (fuel tank → primary filter → fuel pump → secondary filter → back pressure valve → ECM control box → injector → back pressure valve; the original manual pump is installed on the primary filter in an attitude of excellence), in order to improve the fuel supply pressure, it is decided to install a manual pump on the upper seat of the secondary fuel filter element. Because the original design filter element seat is reserved with a mounting seat hole, the installation is simple and easy. Pump oil at the same time through two-stage manual pumps to exhaust the air from ECM to fuel injector, and then cooperate with the oil transfer pump to re-establish the system oil pressure and start the motor; After exhausting twice, start the engine for about 10s, and the engine will catch fire smoothly, indicating that the fault has been eliminated

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