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Hangzhou Dahua Plastics Co., Ltd. has launched a new product of special polyester film

Hangzhou Dahua Plastics Co., Ltd. has successfully developed new products of special polyester film such as nanocomposite high gloss transparent polyester film and nanocomposite heat-resistant polyester film through simple wiring products through cooperation with relevant colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. These new products have some special properties that ordinary polyester film can't match, which improves the applicability of the products and further expands the application field of polyester film products

recently, experts from the provincial science and Technology Commission identified the new products of the above three nanocomposite polyester films, and agreed that "these products are still the first in China, and their process technology is in the international leading position"

Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has always attached importance to high-tech research. Extruder is one of the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry. The development and impact testing machine is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, and attaches importance to product innovation. It adopts the technology of GSE company in Germany to successfully develop the oshen series film Slitter, which is the only high-speed, high-quality and low-cost film Slitter with international level in China, and can completely replace imported products; At the same time, it is exported abroad and has been highly praised by overseas users. Users' praise

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