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Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau makes every effort to promote the shutdown and relocation of chemical enterprises in the Development Zone

Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau makes every effort to promote the shutdown and relocation of chemical enterprises in the Development Zone

March 24, 2017

[China paint information] a few days ago, Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau went to the development zone to guide the shutdown, relocation and other industrial restructuring of chemical enterprises. Wangyongfang, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, attended the meeting

wangyongfang said that the development zone has made up its mind to shut down and relocate chemical enterprises, and will unswervingly and fully promote it. For the next stage of work, he put forward three requirements: first, we should be serious and focus on the key points. The shutdown and relocation of chemical enterprises is the top priority of the environmental remediation of the development zone. We should highlight the key points and advance in an orderly manner according to the time nodes; Second, we should dare to encounter difficulties. To eliminate the fluke of enterprises, and actively coordinate the introduction of relevant policies to solve the bottleneck problem; Third, we should make up our minds and remove the focus. Focus on the hot issues concerned by the people, and eliminate the anxiety of the people from the perspective of fundamentally solving the problems

structural adjustment is the need to build a first-class development zone, and it is also the need for people to have a sense of gain. At the scene, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau fully affirmed the structural adjustment work carried out in the early stage of the Development Zone, and pointed out that the next step is to do the work carefully and realistically, and continue to increase horizontal and vertical coordination. The key is that the cost is too high-profile. 3. For the non self-locking body, we should be more determined in structural adjustment, speed up the progress, strengthen the coordination of policies, and deepen the structural adjustment

at the meeting, the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Development Zone carried out a special report on the progress of the shutdown and relocation of chemical enterprises, constraints and next steps. This year, the development zone requires team members to actively participate in the technical activities carried out by major standardization institutions and industry associations, promote the shutdown and relocation of 7 chemical enterprises such as international essence, and complete the shutdown and relocation of 2. Up to now, Maoyu electronics has shut down the fluorination and chlorination synthesis process production line, and is currently shutting down the equipment for purging and cleaning. It is expected that the increasing use of high-performance plastics in the automotive industry will be completed by the end of April to dismantle the synthesis process equipment. HANGHUA ink solvent ink production capacity has been transferred out of the Development Zone, and rosin modified phenolic resin production is expected to be moved out by the end of June. In addition, the development zone has set a time node for the transformation and upgrading of five chemical enterprises, including essence, and will vigorously promote it according to the node plan

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