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Handan, a millennium old city, and Huawei jointly built a wireless city

Handan, a national famous historical and cultural city, gave birth to the early Neolithic Cishan culture 8000 years ago. Zhao Guojian was founded here during the Warring States period, and successively became the capital of the Cao Wei, the later Zhao, the ran Wei, the former Yan, the Eastern Wei and the Northern Qi dynasties. As the South Gate of Hebei, Handan has unique geographical advantages. It is the first batch of pilot smart cities in China, China's excellent tourism city and the national garden city

recently, i-handan opened the era of free WiFi in Handan City, attracting the attention of all parties. Handan, an ancient city with a thousand years of history, joins hands with Huawei to build a wireless city and start a smart life

Handan Evening News reported that i-handan

the key public areas in the city have achieved full wireless WiFi coverage

whether you return from afar by train, travel by high-speed rail because of Handan's history and culture, or go to other places not far away by car, you can connect to i-handan through the Internet, enjoy free WIFI, search what you are interested in, find local food and beauty, etc

of course, the local people in Handan will be happier, whether they go to the administrative service center to work, or to the workers' theater square to exercise and take a walk, Mo strengthened Fe-Cr-C surfacing material organization and mechanical property analysis, or to Longhu Park (1) the experimental machine should be installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room with room temperature controlled at (10 ~ 35) ℃, Dongmen square, Cultural Palace Square, convention and Exhibition Center Square, etc, You can connect i-handan to do what you like; It is also a blessing for book lovers. The museum square and the municipal library have also deployed free wireless. When you see half of your book and want to search for relevant content, you can get it at hand. Of course, the city's office workers will not be bored on the way to work. Connect i-handan and instantly enjoy wonderful music or wonderful movies

Handan wireless city users on the process display

by the end of August, 2350 free WiFi hotspots had been deployed in the city, mainly covering 53 places, including three administrative service places in the city, bus stops along five urban trunk roads, and six important transportation hubs. They are mainly used in public areas with large passenger flow, long residence time, high utilization rate of mobile devices, and high demand for public WiFi, to facilitate the needs of citizens

the second phase of the project will be completed by the end of October, with a total of 7000 WiFi hotspots, focusing on the WiFi coverage of medical institutions, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, financial places and other institutional places, as well as the construction of additional spots in the blind spot area of WiFi coverage in the urban area. Finally, the wireless WiFi coverage of key public areas in the city will be achieved

while ensuring full coverage, Handan WiFi coverage experience works well

how about the experience with so many WiFi hotspots deployed? There is a picture and a truth

fast: in order to ensure the use effect of all users, the bandwidth of users' use is guaranteed to ensure that each user downloads no less than 4Mbps. See the following figure for the actual measurement:

WiFi wireless signal test results

good signal: whether the WiFi connection signal is good or not, you can see from the public's messages. Judging from the messages of Handan citizens, the citizens generally reflect that they are grateful to the government for doing a project to benefit the people in the overall weak and stable market. The signal is good, the speed is good, and the experience effect is good

citizens' message

high quality products + high-quality services, achieving high-quality experience

the excellent experience of Handan wireless city is inseparable from Huawei's high-quality WLAN products and high-quality services

high quality products: Huawei's outdoor wireless coverage AP adopts industrial design, with the highest dust-proof and water-proof grade IP67 in the industry, to ensure the normal wireless coverage in harsh environments. The wireless AP has built-in lightning protection devices, including antenna feeder, port and AC lightning protection. There is no need to purchase lightning protection devices, which is convenient for installation; More importantly, ap8030 has a built-in directional antenna, which is convenient for outdoor installation and has a beautiful effect, ensuring the appearance of the city's main roads

ap8030 installation effect picture

high quality service: the overall planning and design of Handan wireless city was carried out by experts from Huawei Su Research Institute, and the full-time on-site survey was carried out in Handan, which lasted two months before and after; During peak hours, the investment of survey personnel reached 15. Relying on Huawei's professional planning ability, professional planning tools and Handan radio and television's rich line resources, the AP deployment plan is planned. What you see is what you get, which truly simulates the WiFi signal and ensures the final coverage effect of WiFi

with the help of professional wireless planning software and a team of high-quality engineers, Handan wireless Wi Fi network planning has realized graphic planning report, one click deployment and one click diagnosis. Compared with the traditional wireless network planning and deployment, it has reduced the planning time by 75% and the construction time by 25%, and improved the network operation efficiency; At the same time, through esight dynamic reports, real-time analysis of user information, business information, equipment information, interface information, and quickly solve network problems

Handan planning report example

after the deployment of Wi Fi, holidays will be a hot time for Wi Fi use in public places in the urban area. In order to ensure the safety experience of citizens during the holidays, during the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays this year, the staff of Handan radio and television and Huawei jointly established the Handan wireless city guarantee group to formulate the Handan wireless city guarantee scheme to ensure the normal operation of wireless WLAN in Handan, and finally delivered a perfect answer sheet

wireless city deployment is an important part of Handan smart city construction, in which there are more than 10 factors that have a great impact on the use and life of engineering products (equipment). It is an important measure and means for information to benefit the people, promote industry and strengthen government. As the world's leading provider of ICT solutions, Huawei has rich experience in WLAN technology and product fields. Together with Handan radio and television, Huawei has created a high-quality network with good experience for Handan, a millennium old city, and provided a free and high-quality wireless service for millions of citizens, officially opening the prelude to smart life

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