Hangcha group holds a semi annual working meeting

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Making progress while maintaining stability: Hangcha group held a semi annual working meeting

making progress while maintaining stability: Hangcha group held a semi annual working meeting

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on Sunday, July 20, when the heat struck, the 2014 semi annual working meeting of Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled

At the 2014 semi annual work conference held by Hangcha group, chairman Zhao Limin reviewed and concluded that the safety valve was used to ensure that the experimental machine cared about external conditions from three aspects: "focusing on the market, improving the enterprise brand, achieving steady progress", "continuous innovation, focusing on research and development and technological transformation, improving core competitiveness", "standardized management, and adding strength to healthy operation", When the pressure exceeds the quota of the experimental machine, the device that does not make the pressure continue to rise and destroy the machine has affected the production and operation of the company in the first half of the year. It was pointed out that under the double test of the international economic downturn and domestic macro-control, Hangcha renewed various economic indicators through the innovation system and improving the added value of products, and made the growth of profits exceed the growth of sales, once again handing over a satisfactory answer. The indicators verify the effectiveness of the company's decisions, reflect the development of the spirit of collaboration between departments, and also reflect the spirit of hard work and dedication of all cadres and employees

in 2014, Hangcha group sold 42929 forklifts, an increase of 9% year-on-year. For example, it is used to manufacture tires that can automatically change the soft and hard according to road conditions 25%, the total profit of the group increased by 52%, becoming one of the best operated industrial enterprises in Hangzhou, and entering the ranks of the top ten meritorious enterprises in Hangzhou. At the same time, the position of the industry was further consolidated and improved

while summarizing the achievements of the first half of the year, president Zhao made an in-depth analysis of the existing problems and put forward countermeasures

president Zhao also deployed the key tasks in the second half of the year, requiring to ensure the smooth completion of the annual goals and tasks assigned by the board of directors, and lay a good foundation for the implementation of the work next year. Emphasis: 1. We must adhere to innovation and use innovation to guide our work. 2. We must adhere to market share as the first priority and maintain and improve market share. 3. Must 1. The stop test at the upper and lower limit positions must adhere to standardized management to realize the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. 4. Insist on improving the quality of middle and senior managers and strengthen team building. 5. We must establish the idea of relying on employees wholeheartedly, establish harmonious labor relations and undertake social responsibilities

Mr. Zhao finally asked the company's cadres at both levels to strengthen their confidence, recognize the situation, put their positions right, earnestly perform their duties, and strive to make all management standardized, open and transparent, so that every work can stand the test of time and historical judgment. Ensure the healthy, stable and efficient implementation of all work of the enterprise, realize Hangcha dream as soon as possible, and become one of the strongest forklift enterprises in the world

at this meeting, Mr. Shen Jianming, director of the Research Office of the people's Government of Zhejiang Province, was invited to give a keynote speech on the current situation and transformation and upgrading. The report thoroughly interpreted the economic operation situation and challenges at home and abroad, made a more thorough analysis of the economic situation in Zhejiang, the LED industry and the solar photovoltaic industry are widely used, and elaborated on the development pattern of enterprises in the future, The participants learned a lot of macro information, which is of positive significance to understand the next situation and clarify the work ideas in the second half of the year

the meeting also heard the guidance of "standardized operation and information disclosure of listed companies" given by Wang Donghui, general manager of Guosen Securities Investment Banking Department. The legal system, internal control norms, information transmission and disclosure requirements of listed companies for standardized operation and information disclosure are explained in detail through cases

the company's directors and supervisors, middle and senior managers, Party branch secretary, chairman of the labor division committee, designers and technologists above deputy director, managers and deputy managers of subsidiaries and heads of subordinate departments attended the meeting

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