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Handling skills of single machine bag filter for skip stop and off-line

single machine bag filter has six specifications, and each specification can be divided into standard type A with ash bucket and open flange type (without ash bucket) type B. Its structure is mainly composed of filter chamber, filter bag, air purification chamber, ash hopper, ash unloading valve, pulse injection device, electric control box, etc. the box body is all welded structure, and the access door is sealed with foam rubber strip to ensure that the dust collector is tight and air tight

there are two reasons why the lift valve of single bag filter trips due to insufficient compressed air:

① the filter element of the oil-water separator between the air tank and the lift valve is blocked due to dirty compressed air

what if the tensile testing machine prompts that the connection fails? ② After long-term operation of the lift valve, the seal is worn, causing compressed air leakage and insufficient air supply

the exhaust fan of the single bag filter introduces the dusty gas into the middle shell from the air inlet, and the clean gas enters the upper shell through the filter bag through the venturi tube, and is discharged from the clean gas outlet, while the dust is blocked on the outer wall of the filter bag. With the extension of the filtration time of other plastics, the dust adsorbed on the filter bag becomes thicker and thicker, and the resistance of the filter bag becomes larger and larger. At this time, the pulse controller sends a signal to control the switch of each pulse valve in sequence, The high-pressure air source is sprayed into the filter bag through the injection hole and venturi. Due to the effect of high-pressure gas, the filter bag expands sharply, causing shock vibration, so that the dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter bag is shaken off in the ash hopper and discharged by the ash conveyor

solutions to the tripping and offline of single bag filter:

① add a set of oil-water separator, one for operation and one for standby. When the speed filter element of the oil volume control hydraulic material testing machine is found to be dirty, another set can be replaced and the dirty set can be cleaned

② in addition to replacing the seal of the lift valve in time, the following measures should be taken: the air supply pressure of the lift valve should be adjusted between 0.25 and 0.5mp4 Angle type (the transmission shaft of the actuator is vertical to the valve stem) and other a, so as to ensure that each lifting valve can act within the specified time, and the pressure should not be too high, otherwise it is easy for the negative cylinder seal to age. When the air leakage point increases, the air supply pressure can be appropriately increased; Ensure the oil supply of the oil-water separator, and the oil supply speed should not be too small to avoid oil loss. In addition, add a certain amount of grease at the valve rod of the lifting cylinder

realizing skip stop and offline replacement of cloth bags is the most troublesome problem for users. Therefore, during installation, the dust removal cloth bag must not collide with sharp and hard objects, and even small scratches will greatly shorten the life of the cloth bag. The method of installing the cloth bag is to first put the cloth bag into the bag chamber from the flower plate hole of the box, then pinch the spring ring on the upper part of the bag mouth into a concave shape and put it into the flower plate of the box, and then restore the spring ring so that it is tightly pressed on the circumference of the flower hole. Finally, insert the bag cage gently from the bag mouth until the protective cover on the upper part of the bag cage is indeed pressed on the flower plate hole in the box. In order to prevent the dust removal cloth bag from being trampled, it is required to install a dust remover framework every time a cloth bag is installed

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