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Hong Jiaolong brought Dagao valve into Shanghai state-owned enterprise. After 10 years of struggle, Hong Jiaolong has deeply rooted in the valve industry. With rich sales experience, he has a place in the field of valves in the Yangtze River Delta. Now, the Shanghai Dagao Valve Sales Co., Ltd., which he operates, has become a major seller of Dagao Valve Co., Ltd

Hong Jiaolong was born in Yingdu, Nan'an in 1973. He is currently Secretary of the Party branch of Shanghai Nan'an chamber of Commerce and general manager of Dalian Dagao Valve Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Hong Jiaolong is 44 years old this year. But from his words, we can see that he still feels that he is just a young man in his twenties. Hong Jiaolong went to Dalian as a valve maintenance apprentice at the age of 17 and lived and worked in Northeast China for 7 years. He admitted that he had been "assimilated" into a northerner

the small counter set up a big dream

Hong Jiaolong recalled with a smile: when he was a child, he was very skinny and didn't like reading. At school, he was eager to go home from school early, and his mind was completely not on textbooks. In 1989, his brother led him to Dalian to work as a valve repairman. "At that time, Nan'an valve industry was a helper. My brother took my brother, and my brother took his nephew, and went out from generation to generation." Hong Jiaolong yearned for the wonderful world outside

but the reality is not as beautiful as he originally imagined. Every day, Hong Jiaolong has to face heavy valves and greasy hands. His young hands feel the hardships of survival in advance. Hong Jiaolong soon adjusted his mind. "No matter how difficult the road is, I chose it myself. If I go back, I'll make a joke. I must stick to it." He said

at that time, I slowly learned to sell while maintaining the valve. Go out at 8 o'clock every day and finish work at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. As long as you have work to do. Hong Jiaolong understands that success depends on a little accumulation when he is away from home, so he doesn't pick jobs and is especially able to endure hardship. For this reason, even if he did not make money for two years, he maintained a positive attitude every day. In the past two years, he had a deep understanding of valves, and in the process of going out and running the market every day, he gradually accumulated contacts. It is these accumulation that made him dream of doing valve business

In 1991, he rented a small counter of several square meters in Dalian and started selling valves. What if there is no product? Ask an acquaintance to pick up the goods. How to promote sales at the beginning? There are regular customers to take care of the business. In the two years before starting his business, he met many friends in the same industry. These business partners have brought him great help

slowly, his small counter business was gradually on track, and his sales were also doing well. In the same market, Hong Jiaolong's counter sales are always crowded and crowded. With the booming sales performance, his counter is getting bigger and bigger. Within a few years, Hong Jiaolong has become familiar with valve sales and achieved little

enter Shanghai beach and break into Xintiandi

"after several years of supply and marketing in Dalian, I gradually feel that the local valve market is too small and I have to change places." Hong Jiaolong said

he soon had an opportunity. In 1996, Dalian high pressure valve factory prepared to set up a sales office in Shanghai. As early as 1993, Hong Jiaolong had dealt with many Nan'an villagers who acted as agents for Dalian high pressure valve factory. Compared with the miscellaneous sales he had been doing, he saw the effect of the brand. To this end, he also wants to open a new market with the brand of big and high-end valves

previously, Hong Jiaolong had many business contacts with Dalian high pressure valve factory. His excellent sales skills and familiar contacts made him finally become the person in charge of the Shanghai Sales Office of Dalian high pressure valve factory, who is responsible for the verification of small force value and discrimination threshold of two levels of experimental machines, and can use grade 0.1 special weights. In addition, his brother-in-law has been operating valves in Shanghai for many years, so he and his brother-in-law joined forces to create a Xintiandi in Shanghai by relying on the old brand "Dagao"

from Dalian to Shanghai means a new beginning. Although Dagao valve enjoys a certain popularity in China, it is not an overnight thing to open a new market. However, all this is not easy for Hong Jiaolong to polish the EPS board. He returns to the state when he just stepped out of society and goes out early every day to find customers and talk about business. Although he socialized late the night before, he always showed up in the company energetic the next morning

with diligence, Hong Jiaolong soon introduced his products to many petrochemical and steel enterprises in Shanghai, and became a supplier to Shanghai Baosteel, Gaoqiao Petrochemical and other large enterprises. "To become a supplier of these enterprises, the first thing is brand effect, but when the enterprise recognizes your products, you have to let the other party recognize your character." Hong Jiaolong said

after 10 years of struggle, Hong Jiaolong has deeply rooted in the valve industry. With rich sales experience, he has a place in the field of valves in the Yangtze River Delta. Now, the Shanghai Dagao Valve Sales Co., Ltd., which he operates, has become a major seller of Dagao Valve Co., Ltd

led the Party branch of the chamber of Commerce to do public welfare

when it comes to development achievements, Hong Jiaolong showed full humility. "You can achieve little success by relying on the help of friends." After becoming rich, he did not forget the development of his hometown. He often gave generously to the public welfare undertakings in his hometown, and repeatedly donated money to support the primary school in his hometown to hold the track and field games. In addition, he also insisted on teaching assistants for a long time and helped dozens of students with difficulties realize their college dreams over the past few years

Hong Jiaolong, who has a warm-hearted spirit, devoted his enthusiasm to the work of Shanghai Nan'an chamber of Commerce. In May last year, when the Shanghai Nan'an chamber of Commerce was changing, Hong Jiaolong was elected the first party branch secretary of the chamber of Commerce because of his familiar contacts and bright personality

in August last year, Hong huibai, a native of Nan'an, was transferred to a local hospital in Shanghai for treatment because of congenital cerebrovascular malformation. Because of his previous treatment, he had spent all his savings and was saddled with a foreign debt of more than 100000 yuan. In addition, his 20-year-old son served in the army to defend the border for the country, There is also an 8-year-old woman at home. "By integrating all the contents into a set of workflow, the family is very difficult. Hong Jiaolong, on behalf of the Party branch of the chamber of Commerce, visited Hong huibai many times and sent condolences and donations to Hong huibai together with the leaders of the chamber of Commerce to help him recover as soon as possible.

"Next, we will do more social public welfare undertakings in the name of the chamber of commerce through the Party branch, help more Nan'an villagers who have difficulties in Shanghai, and make the chamber of Commerce a veritable family of members and Nan'an people." Hong Jiaolong said. (according to Nan'an business daily)

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