The hottest Hong Kong electric lamp ifixmes system

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The Hong Kong electric light ifixmes system was put into operation

the Hong Kong Electric Light Co., Ltd. was officially established in 1989. It is one of the oldest power companies in the world. At present, the only Lamma Power Plant provides continuous power to the residents of Hong Kong and Lamma Island. Fix the steel hammer body vertically on the special fixture

the total power generation of the power plant is 3305mw, including eight coal-fired groups and seven gas turbines. Its basic design is to burn 100% coal. The fuel oil system can only be used when starting, shutting down and low load, so the coal system of its power generator is the key to ensure the normal operation of power generation production

in order to improve the automation of the coal system, Hong Kong Electric decided to upgrade the original FIX32 system to iFIX with the latest technology, and combined with Oracle database to make the whole system run automatically. The whole system requires highly reliable redundant configuration, realistic three-dimensional process equipment status display, reliable operation of full-automatic coal blending algorithm, management of production plan, alarm, equipment and production report in combination with Oracle, as well as high-speed current retrieval of high-precision two-year historical database storage and Internet release of process pictures. The whole system is based on the iFIX real-time industrial data platform of intelligence, the Internet service of iwebserver and Oracle database, and Bruce Lyon, an Australian expert, is employed as the technical and technical director

highly reliable redundant system

since the 60 coal conveyors controlled by this system provide fuel for all 8 units, a highly reliable system is required. The system uses two iFIX SCADA systems and redundancy switching modules that are redundant with each other, PLC network redundancy supported by iFIX IO driver and automatic switching of cards +86 21 - 155 and 123, which ensure the reliable operation of the system 24 hours a day

super historical data server

process history 3 The host of mtsjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine adopts double support column data, which is an important part of the system. The data volume is large and the storage time is required to be as long as two years. The component of intelligence iFIX - Advanced historian uses the PI engine of OSI company to complete this task efficiently and at high speed. Its separate PI historical data server has the backup function, which ensures the reliable storage of historical data

implementation of fully automatic coal blending algorithm

another function of MES is the automatic implementation of coal blending system. The integration toolkit of intellution allows users to complete the process requirements in the application through com/dcom technology. At the same time, Micrsoft VBA built-in in iFIX enables the implementation of various controls to be unified in ICORE, the core platform of iFIX

management information real-time data integration

all management information is stored in Oracle data. IFIX communicates with it through built-in SQL tasks, and other equipment and software systems in the integrated management information system alarm and handle it in a unified manner. Intelligence's iwebserver is responsible for automatically converting all enterprise information into Internet form and transmitting it. Managers can obtain the information of the whole plant through standard browsers such as IE or Netscape

system configuration:


◆ Compaq 6400 server

◆ 3Com dual port 100M Ethernet card

◆ Modicon PLC MODBUS dual redundancy


◆ iFIX indefinite IO SCADA server 2 nodes (including advanced histori an and redundant modules in the experimental process)

◆ iFIX client nodes

◆ iwebserver

◆ iFIX integration toolkit

◆ iglobalcare (intellution products and services)

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