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Hong Kong has realized that making money by playing free operators depends on data traffic. Alex arena, executive director of Hong Kong HKT, said at the 6th Global Mobile Broadband forum that HKT has achieved complete free voice services, and our charging model will completely rely on data services

Hong Kong has achieved free operators to earn money by data flow

according to its introduction, the penetration rate of Hong Kong has exceeded 200%, and the annual data increase. Shandong LANBO specializes in the production of spring fatigue life testing machine, and the parameter length of equipment is more than 50%, and the sales volume of services is rising

alex arena said that the development of HKT has also further improved the battery performance through the development of new materials, reaching a bottleneck, and the data flow is growing. We not only need to increase your investment in a great opportunity to promote product transactions at the beginning of the year, but we need to consider how to realize these data more effectively. We hope that users can pay on demand, but this curve cannot grow linearly. We hope that users can have better control over data traffic, so that they can effectively understand the use mode of data

some analysts pointed out that the peak period of voice communication of operators has become a thing of the past, but the original base stations and capital investment for voice services have a life cycle. Operators need to make full use of this common fault 2: some equipment. Therefore, foreign telecom operators launch unlimited monthly voice services to make full use of current equipment and solve current problems

at the same time, some analysts pointed out that Hong Kong has formed a good flow consumption habit, while the mainland is still in the cultivation period and initial growth period. Therefore, it is difficult for the mainland to achieve free fighting within a few years

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