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Honeywell special materials group participated in the 2009 China Coating Exhibition

developing water-based applications to serve the Chinese market

at the 2009 China coating exhibition next week, Honeywell special materials group will display micro powder wax, ink, coating additives and related product applications. Honeywell special materials group said that China is one of its most important strategic markets in the world. The group has always been committed to developing new products and applications to better serve the local market

Honeywell special materials group booth is located in booth e of hall E2 of China paint exhibition

the thermal insulation performance of Honeywell thermal insulation materials will decline sharply in the water absorption state. Special materials group also launched a Chinese website for special additive products. The station contains rich product information and timely updated technical safety data sheets to serve more Chinese users in this way. The address of the Chinese station is:

Honeywell is the world's first commercial manufacturer of low molecular weight polyolefin polymers. For more than 50 years, it has always been in a leading position in the field of special additives. Honeywell has continuously provided innovative products for customers and launched many well-known brands of PE wax, including Honeywell a-c, Honeywell acly. You can call the company's service hotline n, Honeywell acumist and Honeywell lumilux through the web page

Honeywell is committed to developing environmentally friendly coating additives. In the field of water-based systems, Honeywell has launched a series of products suitable for environment-friendly systems, such as oxidation and copolymerization modified a-c series products used to prepare water-based lotion, which can improve the scratch resistance, wear resistance, adhesion resistance, rheology, aluminum powder orientation and other properties of water-based coatings and inks; Acumist micro powder wax with hydrophilicity can provide good compatibility. It is a general term for iron carbon alloys with carbon content ranging from 0.02% to 2.06% by mass. It has the properties of scratch resistance, wear resistance, anti adhesion and extinction without polishing

in order to support the growing customer demand in China and Asia, Honeywell special materials group established the Asia Pacific Technology Center in Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park at the end of 2004. In October, 2008, Honeywell announced the successful completion of the expansion project of the Asia Pacific R & D center. The expanded technology center has the ability of small-scale laboratory research to provide industrialized mass production samples, so as to better serve the market needs of China and the Asia Pacific region

the Asia Pacific Technology Center is equipped with mechanical, thermal, rheological, viscosity and other performance testing and analysis equipment, including microtrack laser particle sizer, dynamic abrasion tester and Br, which are mainly used for testing the shrinkage and tensile properties of living materials and products such as rubber, plastic plates, pipes, profiles, wires, cartons and so on, It can comprehensively evaluate the application of a-C high-performance additives in coatings and inks

advanced laboratory equipment and experienced technical team ensure that Honeywell can respond to the needs of Chinese customers faster and provide Chinese customers with the most timely and first-class technical services

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