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Hong Kong Daxing ink acquired Fuzhou ink factory by 11.5 million

it was learned from relevant parties that the assets of Fuzhou ink factory with a history of 48 years have been invested and established by Hong Kong Daxing ink Chemical Co., Ltd.: Fuzhou Daxing Ink Co., Ltd. was successfully purchased with 11.5 million yuan. According to the person in charge of Fuzhou Daxing Ink Co., Ltd., they were among only two enterprises participating in the bidding this time, Fuzhou ink factory's assets were pocketed through a show of cards. Talking about the plan after the successful acquisition, the person in charge of the enterprise said that the Hong Kong head office: Daxing ink Chemical Co., Ltd. will plan to invest a total of 12elsevier said 500000 US dollars (about 100million yuan) to introduce the latest technical formula. The first phase plans to invest common faults 7: capital 50million people's dollars, and the capital has been in place. Fuzhou Daxing ink factory will continue to focus on the production of ink, change the identity of enterprise employees, and rehire nearly 100 people. "The opportunity to be rehired is still great, and many skilled technicians are expected to get the opportunity to rehire," the person in charge said

regional differences are obvious. It is understood that the earliest auction reference price of Fuzhou ink factory's assets was more than 25 million yuan, but it was not transferred. In February this year, the transfer auction was held again, and the transfer reference price was 18.38 million yuan, said Mr. Li, who was consulted by Fujian Qida Auction Co., Ltd. Although the reference price has been continuously reduced, it does not seem to attract too many "blind date" attention. "After we posted the announcement, we found that few people consulted about the asset auction of relevant ink factories (3) illite." However, it still ended with streaming photography. The transaction this time was 11.5 million yuan, down 13.56 million yuan from the first time. The transfer target includes tangible and intangible assets such as the plant's equipment, inventory, raw materials and trademarks (trademarks, trademark registration, trademark inquiry). The transferee shall rebuild the plant and continue production within 6 months after the transfer of the transferred assets

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