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Honeywell spectra bulletproof material enhances the performance of Asian soldier helmets

spectrum shield II material will improve the safety, mobility and comfort of soldiers

Morris Town, New Jersey, USA October 18, 2011 - Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that its spectrum shield II bulletproof material will be used to produce Asian soldier helmets

DAE, a Korean bulletproof equipment manufacturer, is more heat-resistant and glossy -sung Tech Co., Ltd. will use spectrum shield II materials to make helmets, which can protect soldiers from various attacks such as fragments of temporary explosive devices and small caliber bullets. This material can make lightweight helmets. Because of its light weight, it not only provides soldiers with key head protection, but also allows soldiers to move faster and more comfortably

compared with previous generations of DAE sung helmet products, spectrum shield II material can reduce the weight of helmet by 20%. According to the 3-year contract signed with Honeywell, the company will use spectrum shield II materials to manufacture helmets

"spectrum shield II bulletproof material integrates lightness and bulletproof performance, which can improve the safety, mobility and comfort of soldiers on the battlefield." Said James Thagard, global marketing manager of Honeywell's advanced fiber and composites business unit. "We are pleased to see Honeywell's spectrum shield II lightweight materials play a role in protecting Asian soldiers."

this contract is the latest application of spectrum materials in helmet manufacturing. Honeywell announced in June that it had signed a three-year contract with the U.S. military to provide them with advanced bulletproof materials to help them improve the performance of helmets and reduce weight with the rapid economic development in the western region

Honeywell announced the news at the international exhibition of national security products and services held in Paris

spectrum shield II helmet materials can provide ultra-high bulletproof performance when applied to curved shapes, protecting soldiers' heads from multiple bullets and oblique bullets. It is a high-strength, lightweight composite material made of spectrum fiber. Spectrum fiber is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene using the patented gel spinning process

at the same weight, spectrum fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, but it is light enough to float on the water. The fiber has good chemical corrosion resistance, water resistance and UV resistance, as well as excellent vibration damping, flexural fatigue resistance and internal fiber friction properties. Its strength can be up to 60% higher than that of aromatic polyamide fiber

DAE sung, which uses spectrum shield materials in helmet design, is a Korean manufacturer that has provided bulletproof equipment and riot proof equipment to police and military organizations around the world since 1974

for more than 20 years, Honeywell's bulletproof materials have been favored by military and police forces all over the world, providing them with protection. In addition to helmets, bulletproof materials are also used in bulletproof vests, breastplates, armored combat vehicles, military aircraft and other applications that require high strength and light weight

spectrum fiber is also widely used in the industrial and entertainment industries, including ropes and slings, mooring lines, the sharp rise in orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises, fishing lines, canvas and safety

Honeywell has been actively carrying out the R & D plan of spectrum fiber and bulletproof materials, focusing on meeting the growing demand for high-performance materials

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