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Honeywell UOP launched a new hydrotreating catalyst

on August 19, Honeywell announced the launch of a series of new catalyst products to remove impurities and pollutants from oil and other refining raw materials

hydrotreating is a key step in the oil refining process. Hydrogen and patented catalysts are used to pretreat the oil and other original companies before they convert the technology-based feedstock into a wider transportation fuel for their applicable enterprises, so as to remove the sulfur, nitrogen, metals and other impurities contained in the feedstock. Hydrotreating is a key link in the production of clean gasoline and diesel

the new product series launched by Honeywell UOP includes more than 20 kinds of hydrotreating catalysts, which can meet the applications of hydrocracking and catalytic cracking (FCC) pretreatment, diesel and kerosene hydrotreating, coking naphtha hydrotreating, etc

in addition, Honeywell UOP can also provide naphtha hydrotreating catalyst and FCC gasoline desulfurization catalyst

the new catalyst will be produced at Honeywell UOP's production base in Shreveport, Louisiana, with stable fixture performance. The base completed the construction and upgrading of production facilities in June this year to carry out the production of new catalysts

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