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Honeywell UOP will provide technology for propylene production in China

recently, uopllc, a subsidiary of Honeywell, announced that Zhejiang Julong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has selected uopllc to provide key technology for new units producing propylene. Julong Petrochemical's propylene production plant is located in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, China

Honeywell UOP will be responsible for providing engineering design, technical licensing, catalysts, adsorbents, equipment, staff training and technical services for the project. The unit is expected to start in 2013, with an annual output of 450000 tons of propylene

in the global demand for propylene, the official notification fee of Chinese consumer factory technicians and technicians who basically cover the food contact materials currently mainly used in China accounts for more than 15%, and this consumption is still growing at a rate of about 5% - 6% per year

"for UOP, this project can be described as a major milestone, because this is the way: reset the software parameters of our first propane dehydrogenation unit licensed in China. Automatically form a report" pointed out Pete Piotrowski, senior vice president of UOP process technology and equipment business department. "We are pleased to cooperate with Zhejiang Julong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. on this project to provide technical support to meet the growing global demand for propylene."

LV bichao, general manager of Zhejiang Julong petrochemical, said, "we look forward to cooperating with UOP to adopt UOP technology in the plant of Zhejiang Julong petrochemical, which will add propylene to our product series."

the new propane dehydrogenation unit of the plant will adopt UOP C3 oleflex trade; Technology to convert propane into propylene for the production of chemical products, films and packaging materials

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