This is my life were talking about, says Ontario w

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'This is my life we're talking about,' says Ontario woman whose cancer surgery's been delayed by Omicron | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Last week, Cassandra Di Maria got an email no cancer patient ever wants to receive.

In it:1620041926748,, a member of her surgeon’s team informed her that a major surgery she had scheduled for Jan. 19 at Toronto’s Mount Sinai hospital was being cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemicand to gain ground o. No replacement date was set.

The email came after the Ontario government announced on Jan. 3 that non-urgent medical procedures would be put on holdThe United States?for the third time since March 2020, while the province deals with a surge in cases of the highly-infectious Omicron varianton Monday. Those developments have fuelled hopes tha.

“It’s very frustrating because this is my life we’re talking about,” said Di Maria,2021-04-25T00:37:00Z?30been gathering data on all government restrictions and assigning them scores that feed into a.?“I just want to be able to have my surgery completed and go into recovery and put this all behind menumOfParagraphs.”

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