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Mask rules leading cause of air rage incidents in 2021, Transport Canada data suggest - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Many refused to wear a maskThe coming days unless stocks were replenished. Earlier this week, others were intoxicated or caught vapingmotor_vehicle_theft. Another passenger ran onto a runway, some threatened fellow passengers and crewThe temporary closure of some businesses Friday to control workplace COVID-19 outbreaks., and a handful were taken into police custody. One reportedly pretended to sneeze on another passengercovid_19_pandemic. Some flights had to return to the gate, while others had to be diverted.

These are just some of the unruly behaviours reported on flights within Canada, according to a analysis of 2021 incident reportsposing as someone delivering food. There has been a clear increase in confrontations since air travel resumed according to one union representative, but these incidents are likely underreported.

Airlines, the global trade magazine for the International Air Transport Association (IATA), recently reported?that the rate of unruly passenger incidents doubled in 2020 and was a trend that continued in 2021. One airline member reported more than 1,000 incidents in a single week, IATA said.

Dramatic incidents of air rage captured on video have made headlines?this year, with the most high-profile incidents — like the man who was duct-taped to his seat over the summer — taking place on U.S. flightsPresident-elect Joe Biden receives his second dose o.?

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