Boris Johnson orders de-escalation of tensions wit

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Boris Johnson orders de-escalation of tensions with France - Today News Post Today News || UK News

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has ordered his team to de-escalate tensions with French president Emmanuel MacronThe clinics of their regular doctors., telling colleagues not to retaliate against what London regards as recent provocation from Paris.

Johnson is convinced that Macron is going to win a second term, according to allies, and wants to prepare the ground for better relations after next April’s presidential electionsin most cases, possibly via a new Anglo-French treaty.

With Macron reportedly labelling Johnson a “clown” — amid a bitter row over how to respond to the deaths of 27 migrants who last month tried to reach the UK by crossing the English Channel in a small boat — the idea of any post-election “entente cordiale” seems far-fetched to some diplomats.

Johnson is regarded by Macron as not “serious” and the prime minister has antagonised Paris on a range of issues beyond migrantst have felt good. I, including Brexit and a new security partnership between Australia, the US and the UK that will enable Canberra to build a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

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