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Management "three degrees": foundation thickness, strategic length, leadership height

a management framework that exceeds personal simplicity is often the choice of different management logics, but we need to carefully avoid emphasizing the management mode only from fewer or individual dimensions, and also avoid simply choosing the ideal management mode

the three-dimensional rule in enterprise management I am discussing here contains three meanings: first, the understanding of the value of three key elements; Second, deal with the relationship between the three elements; Third, clarify the promotion mode of the three elements in sustainable development

the three elements we are talking about are:

Basic thickness - an enterprise can choose to have different thicknesses of business foundation in turn: insight into the needs of internal and external consumers, special technical resources, opportunistic policy resources, monopoly resources, and high variability. At present, some electronic tensile testing machine screw rods in the market use T-shaped ordinary screw rod key to figure insight. The thickness of the foundation is related to the social identity of the resources on which it is based, and the sustainability after time changes is related to the ability to cope with multiple challenges

strategic length - do you choose to do things according to your current capabilities, resources and conditions, or measure and plan your future work according to the general situation and long-term goals after 3, 8 and 15 years? The length of strategy determines whether an enterprise can determine its future goals with a more forward-looking vision, clarify the path from now to the goal, and gather resources to this path and target point

leadership height - enterprise leaders can look back at their work direction from different perspectives, such as specific business, multi business association of the company, position between companies in the industry, interaction between industries, political and economic interaction, and overall level. A high leadership angle may make leaders from a more detached level, even from the macro level of national social, political, economic, and cultural development Major links that affect the fate and opportunities of enterprises. Different materials need different levels of changes in environmental factors, a comprehensive perspective beyond the division of labor in daily affairs and subtle interest entanglements, and considering and setting the basic work direction for the integration of social resources that are invisible from a local perspective and irrelevant to many others, which highly determines whether the enterprise can go beyond the narrow standard perspective, Realize the organic growth of the organization in the social pattern

if an organically growing enterprise can only develop once in three degrees in its management work, it can form a distinctive development and should be equipped with lifting holes or rings, but no matter how prominent it is, it is not enough to have the sustainable development of the enterprise; If there are two times, the enterprise has considerable growth opportunities and good performance in exploration and innovation, but it is not easy to achieve scale performance; Only when there is benign promotion and interaction in three dimensions, it is possible to create an appropriate value space

even if we understand the three-dimensional rules of management, there are still differences between mode selection and combination. According to whether there is a plan and how long it is, whether there is a high degree of democracy and leadership, and what factors are selected as the basis of the enterprise, a large number of permutations and combinations of management modes can be generated. For example, in the IT industry, there are a large number of technology-based management modes with medium and short-term plans but low leadership. Compared with the industry, Microsoft is more equipped with the combination of technology and market Have a long-term development plan and a large pattern management mode with a high degree of promoting social transformation; Among the management modes of many Chinese local automobile enterprises, leadership is a prominent strength, and the operation basis is to gradually increase the attention to user feelings based on the dominance of technical resources, which has a strong medium and long-term objective of subjectivity. Compared with the industry, the management mode of Foton automobile is based on user needs, and grasp the stability of enterprise measurement according to the general trend of social development, In the case of strong uncertainty caused by the transitional society, pay attention to the management mode with strong effectiveness of market progress of medium and short-term plans; In real estate enterprises, relatively subjective medium and short-term planning and limited leadership based on industrial resources (especially land resources) are generally formed. Compared with the industry, Vanke has formed its own competitive sustainable working mode in the medium and long-term planning ability, leadership and customer demand

to a certain extent, the three-dimensional view tests the growth ability of enterprises and is also an important standard to identify the characteristics and potential of enterprise leaders. According to the team management mode, it is not necessary to require every enterprise manager to have a sound three-dimensional view, but the core leaders of the enterprise should understand the importance of the three-dimensional view in the enterprise management reflection, and apply the high-end people who are suitable for playing different management roles in different dimensions to the corresponding management functions, so as to lead a management and leadership team with three-dimensional coordination ability

managers of enterprises can often use the three-dimensional view as a mirror to reflect on their own enterprise management view, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise in different dimensions of the three-dimensional view, compare and analyze the management ability with competitors, and supplement knowledge, talents and other resources to the corresponding weak dimensions. In this way, an enterprise can not only form a three-dimensional management space with three dimensions, so as to accommodate more consumers and talents, but also become an influential social organization with flexible growth ability

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