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Management case: build three times the speed of execution

when performing project tasks, we should encourage all staff to lock the deadline and cultivate the speed awareness of "sprint at the beginning"

what is real executive power? Executive power is to turn ideas into actions and actions into results. The reason for the weak execution of enterprises is often that there is no action when there is an idea, and the expected results cannot be seen when there is action. We often find that some employees are self righteous, modify and deviate from the company's decisions in the implementation. Although they have good performance in action, the results are not satisfactory. Executive power is the business of all staff. We must establish the concept of "those who share the same desire win", and cultivate the team members' collaborative spirit of "unity of purpose, joint effort and cooperation"

"triple speed" growth can be achieved

why should the executive power be improved at a triple speed instead of "double speed" or "5x speed"? First of all, from the data of the development speed of famous Chinese and foreign enterprises, Wal Mart has become the world's largest multinational company, Dell has become one of the world's top 500 companies, Samsung Electronics has grown into a leader in the industry on behalf of Sony under the deteriorating urban air quality in China, and Lenovo has increased from 5billion to 30billion... The common feature of these enterprises is that the annual growth rate is more than three times the average level of the industry. In other words, in order to establish a leading position in the industry, enterprises must maintain sustained and rapid growth

it can be seen from the operation characteristics of the enterprise that the overall goal of the enterprise is achieved by the cooperation of various functional departments. The barrel principle tells us that the amount of water in a bucket surrounded by many boards of different lengths depends on the shortest board, and the level of enterprise operation is determined by the link with the weakest function. The cooperation relationship between departments is not a simple addition and subtraction relationship, but a multiplication relationship

the transfer of products and services to consumers through sales requires 10 links, including market research, brand promotion, logistics storage and transportation, store management and user service. Here, we give three formulas:

formula 1:

1 × one × one × one ×……× 1 = 1

formula 2:

0.9 × zero point nine × zero point nine ×……× 0.9 ≈ 1/3

formula 3:

1.1 × one point one × one point one ×……× 1.1 ≈ 3

Formula 1 tells us that if the staff in each link strive to complete their work and achieve 100% performance, that is, reach the standard value of 1, then the overall goal of the company is to complete it truthfully

formula 2 shows a very terrible consequence. If the work of each link is only discounted by 10%, the enterprise has lost two-thirds of its competitiveness as a whole

formula 3 shows that even if the ability of each link and position is only increased by 10%, the product of 10 1.1 is about 3. As long as we all work together, even if we improve a little together, the effect of triple speed to improve execution is completely achievable

cultivate executive power with reverse thinking

there are three ways to improve executive power. The first is to break the habitual thinking mode of the team. Our traditional way of thinking is "only for reasons can we have results", and we set goals according to existing conditions. However, in the team incentive system, we should try our best to break this habitual way of thinking, use the "fruit cause relationship" mode of thinking, and formulate an implementation plan according to the goal in order to achieve the goal

when I was consulting in a group company producing building decoration materials two years ago, I used this way of thinking to recruit managers of seven product divisions. We require the written examination personnel to make plans according to the sales objectives and tasks of each product division, and discuss and design the regional decomposition of NCA batteries for Panasonic, Japan, the organizational structure of the division, personnel arrangement, the price system in channel management, goods management, promotion in market planning, advertising investment, etc. currently adopted by Tesla electric vehicles. Finally, nine excellent schemes were selected from the 20 shortlisted schemes, and seven of them were appointed as managers of the product division and two as assistant to the president. In the operation of the product business division, the tasks of the general managers of the seven business divisions in the current year were all completed, and the overall goal achievement rate of the group was 121.3%

from this case, we get an enlightenment: planning is the rehearsal of completing tasks! The essence of the thinking method of fruit cause relationship is to know the "fruit" in advance and use reverse thinking to find out the "cause". As long as each element of "cause" is done step by step, the goal will be achieved

goal determination method: the magic weapon of task execution

the second way to improve execution is: goal awareness. We found that some marketers will "wow" when they are exposed to new target tasks: Astronomical! Why are they intimidated by numbers? The deep-seated reason is the goal consciousness in the brain - used to measuring the "goal" of the new stage with the "method" of the current stage. But I want to tell you that "method determines goal" is wrong. The correct understanding should be "target determination method". For example, the method to complete the sales task of 300million is different from that of 200million

when I tutored a joint venture producing electrical products, I used the concept of "goal determination method" to adjust the way the office manager of the enterprise performed tasks. In February of that year, the sales task of manager Qiu of the office was 3.5 million, with 2.3 million actually completed and 1.2 million unfinished. The office task in March was also 3.5 million, but according to the company's rolling target planning system, manager Qiu actually had a sales task of 4.7 million in March, which was twice the amount actually completed in February. Of course, manager Qiu was afraid of difficulties

Later, he asked me for a solution. When I called the marketing staff for a meeting, the first question was: is the method of completing 4.7 million tasks the same as that of completing 2.3 million tasks? Everyone was stunned for a long time, and finally said in unison: of course it's different! Then the only way is to find new ways. We noticed that in February, we mainly relied on the performance of the original channel stores, but the agents are basically mom and pop stores, and the distribution capacity is relatively weak, so relying on channel distribution can not complete the task in March. After analyzing the competitive advantages of the product, we found a product - 230W high-power energy-saving lamp as a breakthrough, and used this single product to win a 6million target direct supply project of a large group. Then another project direct supply agent was selected, and he was allowed to buy 3million goods in the first batch. In this way, only 230W high-power energy-saving lamps made manager Qiu complete the sales task of 9million in March. With the original channel distribution of 1.3 million, the total sales performance exceeded 10million, becoming the national sales champion of the month

from this case, we also get an enlightenment: goals are used to surpass

pursue perfection in action: executive power in competition

the third way to improve executive power is: speed awareness. There is an idiom in China called "practice comes from thinking". This sentence is not wrong, but sometimes there will be problems in running enterprises in this way of thinking. Because enterprises survive in a competitive way, if they are not careful, a rare competitive opportunity will be lost. No wonder Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group, laments that the most difficult decision is the continuous decision after the correct decision! The opportunity is caught, not in thinking. We should always remember: only thinking but no action, which is not called using executive power such as bathtub and basin

in 2002, I was giving a training class to a company, a famous casual wear brand, and learned that company B, the largest competitor of brand a, would hold the opening ceremony of its flagship store in Zhuzhou on August 18 that year. At that time, to ensure the safety of medication, managers of major shopping malls and dealers in the field of casual clothing would be invited to participate. Naturally, investment promotion activities were also important. This is a fatal blow to brand a, because brand B has an absolute advantage over brand a in East China. If brand a loses its market share in the five Central and southern provinces, it will undoubtedly give way to its rivals. Chairman Guo of company a, who also just got the news, kept shaking his head at me: it's less than two months since they opened their business. Even if they want to open a flagship store in Zhuzhou, time doesn't allow. How can there be such speed

at that time, I knew clearly that this would be a good time for me to prove the executive power of "pursuing perfection in action" with facts. With the authorization of chairman Guo, as a consultant, I organized people and horses to form a sharp knife company according to the military establishment, which is divided into nine platoons according to their functions: the first row is responsible for the investigation of the business district, looking for the location of the flagship store, the second row is responsible for the decoration design of the store, the third row is responsible for the display of goods and the visual design of space, the fourth row is responsible for contacting the model company, the fifth row is responsible for the design of fashion show products, and the sixth row is responsible for formulating the business process and making props for the opening ceremony and fashion show, The seventh row is responsible for media publicity and local government public relations, the eighth row is responsible for sending letters to invite the managers and dealers of major shopping malls, and the ninth row is responsible for the centralized training of excellent clerks in the exclusive stores across the country to ensure the manpower supply when the flagship store opens. Everyone's work node will end before June 18. Everyone's common goal is to open one month faster than their opponents, seize the opportunity and occupy their market share with the momentum of preemption

all the work was carried out in an intense and orderly manner, and finally the opening ceremony of the flagship store was successfully ushered in on July 18. The momentum of the whole scene shocked the clothing industry, and made the person in charge of Brand B beat his chest and feet, even killing Cheng Yaojin on the way. Chairman Guo also sighed afterwards: it's hard to say that there is an impossible thing in the world. The key is whether you want to do it

from the above cases, we can get the following enlightenment: the executive power of enterprises should adjust their plans based on the actions of their opponents. When implementing project tasks, all staff should be encouraged to lock in deadlines and cultivate the speed awareness of "sprint at the beginning". (end)

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