The hottest management is like cooking a bowl of d

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Industry leaders such as nanmeixin and beihelong have also emerged in China.

management is like cooking a bowl of delicious dumplings.

now technology is developed. Every time I cook dumplings, I use the timer on the range hood to time it. Sometimes I feel ridiculous when I look at my behavior. I won't fish out the dumplings until the last second, so that I often can't eat delicious dumplings

of course, there are reasons why I am busy. I remember that I made dumplings in primary school, and I can make dozens of kinds of dumplings. Whenever a family eats dumplings, I cook them. They say the dumplings I cooked are delicious. My father jokingly said, "boy cooked dumplings are delicious." In fact, now it seems that it is just a word to inspire me, so I have to do more. Of course, I also thank my father

when cooking dumplings, I stood on the stove and carefully observed the heat. When can I cook dumplings (usually the water is best as soon as it is boiling) and when to add some cold water to prevent the dumplings from being cooked differently inside and outside. I watched the pot with a leaky spoon and adjusted the size of the fire. If you want to use it, you can ensure that the parts have good low-temperature impact. After the big fire is boiled, turn to the medium fire to boil, and then add some cold water to the second medium fire. But I won't add it all at once. I can't open it after adding too much for a long time. The dumplings will be too watery and greasy. Seeing that the belly of dumplings grew up, I immediately picked up the dumplings. If you make everyone feel delicious, you can't let them eat early or late. Dumplings with only a moderate heat are the most delicious! I know there was no regular reminder at that time

sometimes, I have tried the cooking method on the package, which is a digital program. However, it still can't. Because although the quantitative indicators mentioned in the description are very clear, this is often the beginning of ambiguity. There are many other factors that are not taken into account. For example, what kind of dumpling is it, how thick is the skin, whether the dumplings are frozen or not, how many you eat at a time, big pot or small pot, whether the water is cylindrical or fan-shaped, how about the firepower, etc. No manufacturer can give you clear instructions

this reminds me of foreigners' comments on China's management: "sometimes in China, management is just adding a little salt, which is very good." a little "is how much, and only the operator knows!"

in fact, we often encounter this situation in management. I think my management has been very "profound". However, there are leading raw material enterprises in Sinopec, PetroChina, Ningbo Color Masterbatch, Yuyao, Taizhou and other places, but the boiled dumplings are not good. In fact, it's not that I forgot when I was a child. 6. High efficiency: the ability of 1 key reset. Instead, it overemphasizes quantitative things and ignores many perceived things - "a little"! That is, whether quantification is integrated into perception. In is the most important

once, I cooked dumplings with passion and seriously. Without reading the instructions and timing, I carefully observed and operated. Finally, I ate my favorite dumplings, which were not water, sticky, and filled with fragrance. Well, delicious

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