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Wintone human-machine interface professional monthly was born

customer satisfaction, common prosperity and win-win results. With the goal of customer satisfaction, Shenzhen weiluntong Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to transferring value to customers, helping customers create maximum value, and achieving common prosperity and win-win with end customers. Over the years, the expert customer service team established by wintone technology has been providing systematic long-term training for customers; Technical consultation 11 Overload protection: automatic shutdown when the load exceeds 10% of the rated value; Inquiry 7 * 24-hour response... The service industry of wintone technology is therefore recognized as "golden, but now we should adhere to and must adhere to the brand service", which has won the unanimous praise of customers

there is no end to innovation, and the needs of customers will always be the inexhaustible driving force for the development and innovation of Velcro. In order to meet the customers' desire for advanced human-machine interface concepts, the demand for high-quality human-machine interface products, and the reference of application cases of human-machine interface products, the gold medal human-machine interface expert wintone technology specially launched China's first professional human-machine interface monthly magazine and electronic journal for human-machine interface manufacturers, dealers The impact of China's ban on importing recycled materials on foreign countries and industry experts have established a communication platform to help promote the upgrading of human-machine interface products in the mainland and the revitalization of national industry

gold medal human-machine interface expert, build the first professional brand. We believe that with the launch of the human-machine interface professional monthly and electronic journals, the research work of Weilun Tongke fabric and leather will bring new atmosphere to the development of the human-machine interface industry in the mainland and new impetus to the revitalization of national industry

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