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Managers need to recognize the limitations of feeling

sometimes we feel embarrassed and helpless in the process of perceiving the world. We will regard strangers as our colleagues or friends; We will suddenly forget our friends' names; Words come to our mouths, but we don't know what to say, and our brains are blank; Yesterday, it was still there. Therefore, the disposal of waste plastic particles will become a popular material for future development. Now, I don't know where it is put anyway; Walking on the street, we sometimes feel that our own is ringing. Take it out and have a look. No one calls us...

sometimes we are proud that we are the spirit of all things. We have the most developed brain and the smartest wisdom in the world; Sometimes we also feel inferior for our own incompetence. In the face of natural things, sometimes we are not keen. We don't have the vision of eagles, the smell of dogs, and the hearing of bats

it is of great significance for managers to recognize the limitations of feelings. In management practice, we need to make bold decisions based on feelings or even super feelings, so that enterprises can seize opportunities, take advantage of opportunities, gain fat skimming profits and win development opportunities. However, in more cases, we need courage to admit the limitations of human feelings and admit that we know the world but get rid of the narrowness and inadequacy of the navigation world. This requires managers to respect the feelings of others, especially subordinates, and open their hearts to accept others' perceptions of objective things with an open mind and sincere communication while believing that they have obtained some corresponding experimental data

in fact, the different sensory organs of each of us, together with the influence of different personality, age, culture, educational background, values, motivation and other factors, result in the feeling of "in the eyes of a thousand people, there will be a thousand Hamlets". 2. The phenomenon of large friction and short service life is not surprising. Differences produce beauty, differences produce collision, and collision produces innovation, The main ability of managers is the ability to manage differences

the objective world will never have eternal, absolute and unique truth, but only our temporary, partial, one-sided and even superficial feelings and judgments about them. Recognizing the limitations of feelings is also very beneficial to improve the effect of management communication. All people are not prophetic gods or immortals, even successful people. This requires managers to put aside their airs and use the same kind of humility to get information they have never felt. As George Bernard Shaw said, "you have an apple, I have an apple, and after we exchange, everyone still has only one apple; you have an idea, I have an idea, and after we exchange, everyone has two ideas."

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