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The robot cutting system shortens the processing cycle

the robot cutting system connects a fixed laser with the activity process. The laser beam guiding device is fixed in the manipulator, replacing the traditional way of installing light source oscillation guidance on the manipulator. In addition to improving the power, it can also improve the accuracy of the laser processing unit

at present, the structure of most manipulator cutting systems is to fix a CO2 laser on the manipulator. The disadvantage of this system is that when the laser is located on the manipulator, the reliability of the laser will be affected due to dynamic action. In addition, the weight of the laser and its medium seriously limit the manipulator, so it can not play its best efficiency. Therefore, the requirement of users now is to shorten the processing cycle and improve accuracy and flexibility

this goal has become the basis for cooperation between Technik and Stubli robotics, which is widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, ports, electric power, electronics, transportation, military and other fields. For these two partners, it is important to use the advantages of fixed lasers to compensate for the shortcomings of laser manipulators, so as to significantly expand their application fields

this plan comes from a simple idea: engineers first install the complete laser beam guiding device directly on the St ubli standard manipulator tx90xl, which makes it change in dynamics and electronics. Based on this point, an adjustable mirror that should pay attention to the distinction between joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage is developed and fixed in the joint of the manipulator. Special attention should be paid to this. The mirror is suitable for direct water cooling, so that it can maintain the laser efficiency to 2500W. The air cleaning system in the robot arm prevents the mirror from being stained. Both enterprises emphasized that the core of the manipulator is the special design of the patented joint components found in the certified third-party laboratory test. This joint is composed of a set of gearbox and engine, with high linearity, which improves the accuracy, repetition reliability, power and action control ability of the manipulator. In addition to these advantages, the laser cutting equipment jenotik votan C BIM (beam in motion) has a modular design

the compact laser cutting system covers an area of only 10m2, and the movement of the laser manipulator is not limited,

because its light source is not installed on the arm

on a turntable with a diameter of 21, which may lead to inaccurate test data, 1000mm can be processed × 600mm × 5 pieces of 300mm and 1400mm × 700mm × Three pieces of 500mm. In order to clamp immediately, an exhaust system fixed on the equipment turntable discharges the exhaust gas to the outlet. It is cleaned by an activated carbon filtration system

jenoptik data shows that the new generation of laser cutting system is used to clean and remove foreign objects without damage to the optical structure, such as in the interior lining or interior decoration of the door. It is also suitable for producing sections of medium-sized plastic parts. The production cycle of laser processing unit is short, and the floor area is only 10m2. The compact and flexible structure also minimizes the transportation cost

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