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Ni effectively simplifies advanced motion control applications

in August 2009, Ni recently launched the latest LabVIEW Ni softmotion module, which effectively simplifies the development process of advanced single axis and multi axis motion applications. The new Ni C series modules expand the Ni compactrio programmable automation controller (PAC) platform to connect with hundreds of servo and stepping drivers from Ni and third-party suppliers. These two supplements to Ni sports products combine the ease of use and i/o functions of LabVIEW graphical programming with the user-defined and synchronous functions of compactrio hardware based on programmable gate logic array (FPGA), which is an ideal platform for advanced sports applications

labview Ni softmotion adopts advanced function block API (application program interface) to facilitate the writing of motion programs, which is based on the motion control library defined by PLCopen. Softmotion includes function blocks for straight-line, arc and contour motion, and function blocks for advanced operations such as electronic transmission and electronic cam. The module also has advanced functions of designing customized motion, such as trajectory generation, spline interpolation, position and speed control and coding. Since this module is an extension of LabVIEW, engineers and researchers can easily synchronize motion with input/output and detection in the same development environment

labview Ni softmotion can be seamlessly integrated with compactrio to better achieve advanced motion control. Using the new drive interface module of C series, we can make full use of the advantages of compactrio to realize FPGA programming automation, and integrate fpga8 in practical applications. The required sample size is 100mm × 100mm has the advantages of reliability, synchronization and high-speed control. In addition, if you want to use third-party hardware, LabVIEW Ni softmotion can also run on custom axes

c series new drive interface module is directly connected with servo and stepping drive equipment, which is easy to integrate new or existing motors and drivers into the motion system. Among them, the Ni 9512 module can be connected to the stepping motor and its driver, while the Ni 9514 and Ni 9516 modules have a single and two feedback encoders respectively, with interfaces connected to the servo motor and its driver. Due to the tight calculation process of motion control, the drive interface module can realize on-board calculation, which releases the computing power of the system and improves the performance. Moreover, the drive interface module is equipped with Ni 9144 deterministic Ethernet expansion chassis (with two Ethernet ports), which can complete distributed motion control with a daisy chain multi chassis system composed of compactrio, Ni 3100 industrial controller and real-time PXI controller

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