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Ni launched a new generation of software defined instruments: 200 MHz vector signal transceiver

in March 2014, National Instruments (Ni) recently released the Ni pxie-5646r vector signal transceiver with 200 MHz RF bandwidth, which provides an ideal test instrument for the latest wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11ac, 160 MHz WLAN and LTE advanced. Engineers can use the open software design of vector signal transceiver to develop channel simulation system, rapid prototype and customized real-time signal processing for spectrum analysis and many other applications

ni vector signal transceiver combines vector signal analyzer, vector signal generator and user programmable FPGA for real-time signal processing and control. With the speed, deterministic processing and inherent parallel architecture of FPGA, some users have experienced times of test speed improvement, typical examples include power servo in power amplifier test. In recent years, the vector signal transceiver is based on NI LabVIEW and will be set up on the Rio architecture of a long-term training project. It combines flexible programming and the latest rf hardware, which has a revolutionary impact on mobile technology testing. Ni pxie-5646r provides a complex bandwidth of 200 MHz at a sampling rate of 250 ms/s, which is 8 times faster than the standard LTE wireless frame. This makes the vector signal transceiver an ideal choice for the latest design and testing technologies, such as digital predistortion and envelope tracking

ni pxie-5646r adopts LabVIEW system design software, which provides an ideal platform for simplifying modern design and meeting test challenges

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