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Ni extended digital audio testing series products

release - March 2009 - national instruments, Inc. (Ni) recently launched a new version of audiomaster that extends the performance of digital audio testing, adding a new solution for analog and digital audio verification and production testing. Based on the configurable audiomaster 6.0 software interface, combined with high-performance Ni PCI and PXI modular hardware, it provides users with a friction and wear testing machine. It is a simple and easy-to-use software defined testing solution for wear testing machine, and its performance can be compared with that of high-end audio analyzer. Now engineers and scientists can combine audiomaster 6.0 software, Ni 7813r configurable i/o hardware and Ni cb-2180 flexspdif accessories to accurately test s/pdif (sony/phillips digital interconnect format) digital audio interface equipment such as set-top boxes, DVD players and home theater systems

"Ni audiomaster 6.0 also provides the necessary high performance and flexibility for the testing of audio devices such as media players, headphones, microphones and speakers with functions such as automatic hammer suction, automatic zero setting, automatic lifting and avoidance of two shocks. It can be easily integrated with other test platforms such as Ni TestStand, PXI and PCI modular instruments, helping engineers create a complete software defined test system. ”

Eric starkloff

vice president of Ni testing and measurement product marketing

audiomaster 6.0 software provides a comprehensive set of audio testing features through single frequency signals, multi frequency signals, amplitude scanning, frequency scanning and step response analysis. In order to help users effectively reduce the cost of automatic audio test application, the software can be directly integrated with Ni TestStand test management software, which is convenient for users to automate different audio tests, collect test results, compare the results with the defined standards, generate reports, and store the data in the database. Users can also combine audiomaster 6.0 with Ni sound and vibration toolkit and NI LabVIEW software to develop custom audio test steps and integrate them with other instruments into Ni TestStand applications

for analog audio testing, users can pair audiomaster 6.0 software with any dynamic signal acquisition plastic tensile machine based on PCI or PXI. How to choose and what are the precautions in operation (DSA) devices. These devices include Ni 4461 with 2 input ports and 2 output ports or Ni 4462 with 4 input ports. DSA equipment has a sampling rate of up to 204.8ks/s, while providing 24 bit resolution accuracy. In addition, audiomaster is equipped with a calibration manager to calibrate the nonlinearity when using the test darkroom, artificial mouth, microphone and other audio test system interfaces. During digital audio testing, users can combine Ni 7813r reconfigurable i/o equipment with Ni cb-2180 accessories, which can provide two s/pdif input ports, each of which has a coaxial cable interface (BNC) and Toslink interface for optical connection

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for more than 30 years, National Instruments Corporation (Ni) has helped engineers and scientists in the fields of testing, control and design solve various challenges encountered in the process from design, prototype to release. Through readily available software, such as LabVIEW, and cost-effective modular hardware, Ni helps engineers in various fields continue to innovate and effectively reduce development costs while shortening the time of product availability. Today, Ni offers a variety of application options to 25000 different customers around the world. Ni is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with branches in 40 countries and more than 5000 employees. For the past nine consecutive years, Fortune magazine ranked Ni as one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States. As one of the largest overseas branches, Ni China has perfect product sales, technical support, after-sales service and a strong R & D team. Please visit or call to learn more about Ni professional products and services

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