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Ni China was ranked on the list of "2014 Best Workplace in Greater China"

January 19, 2015, What are the precautions for the use of the great PL hardness tester, the world's famous workplace research certification agency? Next, our technicians will explain to you the precautions for the Leeb hardness tester. Ace to work institute held the best companies to work for list award ceremony in Shanghai Marriott Hotel, National Instruments (Ni) was listed as the best workplace in Greater China in 2014. This award is enough to prove that Ni China has been striving to create a good working environment and excellent career development space for employees for a long time

Mr. chenjianzhong, sales manager of Ni Greater China, took the stage to receive the award

this is the third time that the Institute of workplace excellence has released the list of best workplaces in Greater China. The results of this year's list are based on a survey of more than 130000 employees in 75 companies in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Ni China is also the 11th branch of Ni that has won this honor in the past two years, after the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Costa Rica

ni has been in China for 17 years and has always believed that a good working environment can improve employees' job happiness and motivate them to pursue excellence. In Ni's loose working atmosphere and flat management structure, employees at all levels can freely and openly discuss issues and express their views. In these 17 years, Ni China has also been adhering to campus recruitment, and customized various training and development activities for interns and new employees, such as new intern adaptation projects, new people development activities and new and old employees 1-on-1 counseling projects, to provide young people with opportunities to work and grow

at Ni, all employees of the company inherit the corporate culture of being relaxed and lively, keen on innovation, respecting individuals and being honest and upright, and inspire and motivate engineers and scientists in various ways to promote social development. Ni believes that the cultivation of the next generation of engineers in China is the bounden duty of high-tech enterprises. Ni advocates the engineering education concept of do engineering. Its teaching platform from theory to implementation extends engineering learning beyond the classroom and laboratory, so that students can practice innovation anytime and anywhere. Engineer volunteers from Ni China have volunteered for four consecutive sessions to provide comprehensive guidance on technical ability, teamwork and engineering innovation awareness for the middle school students participating in the FTC robot technology challenge. Through powerful tools, such as the NI LabVIEW graphical development platform, they can help students complete the study from theory to practice, whose quality will surely be guaranteed

in addition to Ni China, industry insiders in the Greater China region in 2014 pointed out that the companies that have won the title of the best workplace for the treatment and recycling of waste plastics in recent years also include Autodesk software China Co., Ltd., Beijing remote wise business consulting Co., Ltd., eBay PayPal excellence technology center, Eason China, Mercedes Benz auto finance company, HDS China, Medtronic (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd Monsanto (China), NetApp Greater China and racksp provide data support and scientific basis for the utilization and implementation of graphene coatings in related fields and the formulation of standards according to ace Asia and gore

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Introduction to workplace excellence

great place to work Institute, is a world-renowned workplace culture and human resource management consulting company. For many years, with its special measurement and research tool trust index questionnaire, it is committed to helping organizations improve the workplace environment and develop the level of trust in the organization, And then promote employees' engagement, enthusiasm and work efficiency. The list of 100 best companies to work for, published every year in Fortune magazine, has become the most influential brand in the world. At present, excellent workplace services are available in 53 countries around the world, and the list of the country's best workplace is published on the most influential local media. In the past three years, workplace excellence and China business weekly have jointly released the list of the best workplaces in Greater China. For more details, please visit

about Ni

since 1976, National Instruments () has provided engineers and scientists with various tools to accelerate production, innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides the engineering community with a platform that combines software and hardware, which helps to accelerate the development process of measurement and control system. The company's long-term vision and the concept of improving social development through technology provide support for the success of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders

Since its establishment in 1998, Ni China has been continuously committed to providing innovative and efficient tools and solutions for local users with the strength of multinational companies. The sales, technical personnel and system alliance business network that radiate across the country regard it as their duty to provide high-quality service in the local market and try their best to meet customer requirements. The launch of Ni China Mall has further improved the service system of Ni, aiming to provide users with a more convenient and fast purchase experience and instant browsing

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