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Ni has strengthened the function of digital audio testing

in 2009, Lubrizol announced that the material has excellent compressive cracking and coloring properties. In December, National Instruments (Ni) recently announced the launch of its latest high-performance software and hardware components on the Ni audiomaster suite. The verification and testing software and hardware suite of analog and digital audio promotes excellent automated testing solutions, which generally only exists in high-end audio analyzers. The latest software audiomaster 6.1, combined with Ni's 7813r reconfigurable i/o module and the latest Ni cb-2181 digital audio i/o accessories, provides users with a simple and software defined test solution, so that SPDIF digital audio signals can be generated or analyzed, which is suitable for testing from consumer electronics products to professional audio equipment

ni strengthens the digital audio testing function

"Ni's audiomaster 6.1 demonstrates Ni's continuous investment to create high-performance and flexible testing solutions for audio devices such as media players, headphones, microphones and speakers," said Kurt veggeberg, business development manager of Ni's audio testing product department. Audiomaster can be well integrated with Ni test platforms (including NI LabVIEW, Ni TestStand, PCI and PXI modular instruments, etc.), so that the industry can carry out research and development according to the needs of enterprises; 3. Building graphene maker space engineers can build a complete software defined test system. "

audiomaster 6.1 software provides rich audio measurement tools, including single tone and multi tone, amplitude and frequency scanning, and step response analysis. The software can be directly integrated into Ni TestStand test management software, providing an interactive, configuration based solution for audio measurement, limit assessment and system calibration, thus simplifying the development of audio automated test and measurement system

for analog audio testing, audiomaster 6.1 can use PCI or PXI based dynamic signal acquisition (DSA) devices, including Ni 4461 (with two input channels, metal texture channels and two output channels) or Ni 4462 (with four input channels). The DSA device provides a sampling rate of up to 204.824 ks/s and a 24 bit resolution. For digital audio testing, audiomaster 6.1 combines the Ni 7813r reconfigurable I/O module with the Ni CB – 2181 module (with one input channel and one output channel) and supports XLR, BNC interface or optical fiber connection. Users can connect up to four CB - 2181 digital audio accessory modules to, for example, the measuring range. The way to choose a pressure tester correctly is: a Ni 7813r module according to the material and specification of the sample, so as to provide four input and four output channels for digital audio measurement, which will greatly simplify the test device required for multi device parallel testing

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for more than 30 years, National Instruments Corporation (Ni) has helped engineers and scientists in the fields of testing, control and design solve various challenges encountered in the process from design, prototype to release. Through readily available software, such as LabVIEW, and cost-effective modular hardware, Ni helps engineers in various fields continue to innovate and effectively reduce development costs while shortening the time of product availability. Today, Ni offers a variety of application options to 25000 different customers around the world. Ni is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with branches in 40 countries and more than 5000 employees. For the past ten consecutive years, Fortune magazine ranked Ni as one of the 100 companies most suitable for work in the United States. As one of the largest overseas branches, Ni China has perfect product sales, technical support, after-sales service and a strong R & D team. Please visit or call to learn more about Ni professional products and services

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