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NFC forum designated UL as the authorized testing and experimental institution

nfc forum designated UL as the authorized testing and experimental institution

--ul's near-field communication testing service supports the popularity of NFC in the mobile and point of sale markets

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the global safety science organization UL has been designated as NFC (near-field communication) The authorized test experiment of the forum has cultivated new growth point institutions for the company. Through its new NFC testing service, UL will help mobile and point of sale system manufacturers meet the strict design requirements of devices with NFC functions

nfc technology enables many smart, point of sale devices and tablets today to communicate with other devices by touching or putting them together. NFC enabled smart, point of sale devices and tablets can seamlessly interact with other devices, including exchanging or collecting data, making payments and other transactions

according to strategy analytics, the sales volume of NFC smart in 2015 will increase by more than 55% year-on-year, which is partly due to the launch of iPhone 6. In addition to the fragile packaging, which constitutes the high cost and point of sale equipment of products, manufacturers also apply NFC technology to video game consoles and medical tools

Mike Kuo, general manager of North America of UL consumer products technology department, said: manufacturers have recognized the real potential of NFC in promoting the development of IOT, so our customers require ul to expand its certification and testing capabilities through the latest and developing wearable devices, embedded devices, smart homes, automobiles and medical care markets. Now it has become a testing and experimental institution recognized by the NFC forum, expanding the service scope of ul to the public, point of sale equipment and other markets

Paula hunter, executive director of NFC forum, said: we have approved ul to become an authorized testing and experimental institution of NFC forum, which gives equipment manufacturers more certification and testing options, especially in the United States. We would like to take this opportunity to thank ul for its leadership of the NFC forum working group and task force. We believe that UL's testing service will help accelerate the popularity of NFC in all walks of life

nfc forum is a non-profit industry association dedicated to promoting the use of NFC technology. It launched a certification program in December 2010. As a member of the forum and an authorized testing and experimental institution, UL provides various testing services for devices that support NF, such as all the above-mentioned normal C. UL is one of two experimental institutions providing such services in the United States. In addition to NFC services, UL also provides a variety of other wireless products with guaranteed testing and certification services, including advanced testing tools and simulation devices

ul profile

ul is a world-renowned company independently engaged in safety science, with a glorious history of more than 120 years leading the progress of the industry. Under the guidance of its mission, nearly 11000 professional employees of the company are committed to promoting a safe working and living environment for all mankind. Through the adoption of research and standards, UL has consistently promoted and met the growing security needs. The company cooperates with enterprises, manufacturers, industry associations and international regulators to provide solutions for the increasingly complex global supply chain

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