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"Ni automated testing Trend Outlook 2014" helps you optimize your testing strategy

April 2014 - National Instrument Corporation (National Inst experimental theory will also continue to improve, pointing to technological innovation rules, referred to as Ni) recently issued "automated testing Trend Outlook 2014", which focuses on the company's research results on the latest testing and measurement technology methods, and summarizes the technology development trends that will affect many industries. With this report, engineers and managers can use the latest strategies and best practices to optimize the testing organization

automated testing trends outlook 2014 includes the following:

business strategy: organizational capacity

with the continuous reduction of talent supply, the test manager must improve the organizational capacity through more efficient recruitment, more perfect induction training and more targeted investment to ensure that the test organization has a reasonable allocation of human resources

architecture: management test system

new technology provides better functions for test equipment, helping test managers monitor the health of the test system, reduce test costs and maximize normal operation time

Computing: cloud computing for testing

traditional testing frameworks limit the profitability of enterprises because they cannot provide ideal cost performance or expand according to actual product needs. Similar to the IT industry, applying cloud computing to automated testing can solve these increasingly serious testing problems

software: scalable test software architecture

1 serial port micro printer interface

facing the pressure of developing the test system faster with less resources, the test manager has eliminated the software strategy based on rigid and inflexible solutions and switched to a software based platform to maximize the service life and scalability of the test system in the product life cycle and new product design

i/o: redefine the concept of sensors

with the substantial increase in the number of sensors in products, test managers are facing severe challenges in keeping up with the pace of new technology and adapting to this growing demand. Test managers urgently need flexible test solutions to cope with the rapid changes of integrated sensors

ni obtained the automation testing Trend Outlook 2014 through institutional and industrial research, user forums and surveys, and combined with the opinions of business intelligence and customer advisory committee

about Ni

since 1976, National Instruments () has provided engineers and scientists with various tools to accelerate production, innovation and exploration. Ni's graphical system design method provides the engineering community with a platform combining software and hardware, which helps the automatic target identification technology to accelerate the development process of measurement and control system. The company's long-term vision and the concept of improving social development through technology provide support for the success of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders

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