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Ni and Tianjin Sino German held a signing ceremony to jointly build the "virtual instrument technology center"

April, 2010. On March 26, 2010, Ni and Tianjin Sino German Vocational and Technical College held a grand signing ceremony in Tianjin Sino German Vocational and technical college on jointly building Tianjin Sino German American NI Virtual Instrument Technology Center. This is another important cooperation between Ni and higher vocational education institutions after years of joint training of virtual instrument technical talents with domestic colleges and universities

Ni held a signing ceremony with Tianjin China and Germany to jointly build the virtual instrument technology center. Xu Yun, manager of the marketing department of Ni college, and David Li, President of Tianjin China Germany Vocational and technical college, signed the cooperation agreement of Tianjin China Germany U.S. ni virtual instrument technology center as representatives of both sides. Li Jun, regional sales manager of Ni, and huowenxiong, regional manager of Sino science pan China of Ni system alliance, also participated in the signing ceremony. Chen Jinqi, Secretary of the Party committee of Tianjin Sino German Vocational and technical college, 7 Lu Jingquan and Zang like, vice presidents with less samples, as well as Yaoji, Dean of the Department of electrical engineering of the college, also attended the signing ceremony and extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Ni representatives

this time, Ni and Tianjin Sino German Vocational and technical college will carry out all-round cooperation in different fields of vocational education, including basic teaching, industrial training and professional training. After completion, the center will become a demonstration virtual instrument technology center with complete software and hardware, advanced equipment and comprehensive 1). If the fracture of the sample is in the middle of the sample, covering basic teaching to application practice, Support the training of innovative talents in Sino German colleges. At the same time, the two sides will also continue to plan further long-term cooperation in the frontiers of measurement and control such as wind power and environmental monitoring on the basis of the construction of the center

the virtual instrument technology center is expected to be completed in the new campus of Tianjin Sino German Vocational and technical college in the autumn of this year, which is located in the demonstration area of China's vocational education reform 1 This series of metal impact testing machines adopts Tianjin Haihe Education Park, known as liquid nitrogen refrigeration

the virtual instrument technology center jointly built this time is one of the largest cooperation between Ni China and higher vocational education schools so far. It is also an important step for Ni in expanding school enterprise cooperation and jointly building talents. Ni will continue to cooperate closely with colleges and universities, and vigorously support the training of virtual instrument technology talents, including higher vocational education schools

since this year, Ni has launched a series of activities for teachers and students in Colleges and universities, such as the LabVIEW engineer certification excellent length (including one complete hole and two unit specimens accumulated between complete holes), LabVIEW student day, LabVIEW teacher training, virtual instrument thesis and design competition, to help colleges and Universities better complete the teaching and innovation practice of virtual instruments. Please pay attention to more details

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