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However, it is not allowed to have particularly serious accidents such as fracture. Ni, BAE Systems and phase matrix jointly released the 26.5ghz PXI integrated tester

China industrial control and industrial control information. Ni, BAE Systems and phase matrix jointly released the 26.5ghz PXI integrated tester

October 2008 - National Instruments Co., Ltd. (Ni) and BAE Systems Phase matrix recently jointly released a next-generation 26.5ghz integrated tester based on PXI platform for military and commercial RF/microwave applications. This comprehensive tester integrates modular hardware and platform software to create a user-defined test and measurement system, which belongs to a branch of virtual instrument. The new integrated tester is designed based on five RF/microwave down conversion modules compatible with 3U PXI express. It has a frequency operation range from 100kHz to 26.5ghz. The product uses pxie chassis, controller and intermediate frequency (if) digitizer module of Ni company at the same time. In addition, it supports the graphical development of LabVIEW on the host side and hardware FPGA digital signal processing

"through joint efforts with Ni and phase matrix, we have successfully developed this high-performance, next-generation RF integrated tester, which has the processing capacity of frequency signals over 26ghz." Robert Wade, an engineer of BAE Systems, whose product quality is directly related to the overall safety of cars and the life safety of passengers, lowdermilk also pointed out that "the data throughput and control signals provided by PXI express meet the growing bandwidth requirements of RF/microwave applications. By using Ni hardware and LabVIEW software based on FPGA, we have quickly developed a number of high-performance test modules for different applications."

"the new PXI down conversion module of phase matrix can be used in the portable integrated instrument test system, which can complete the conventional RF/microwave signal analysis function, or simulate the replacement of traditional instruments." Michael n. Granieri, senior vice president of project and business development of phase matrix, pointed out, "the high efficiency provided by these module groups meets the needs of the next generation of RF and microwave test and measurement systems."

the new PXI express compatible RF/microwave down conversion module has been improved, including Ni RF and communication application development solutions including pxie-5122 dual channel digitizer with 100ms/s sampling rate of 100MHz bandwidth and pxi-5152 digitizer/oscilloscope module with 2 gs/s sampling rate of 300MHz bandwidth. In addition, engineers and scientists can use the intuitive graphical programming software LabVIEW and its digital signal processing function to speed up system development

"for the current mainstream commercial test and measurement bus technology, PXI Express provides the highest bandwidth and lowest delay with small raw material odor," said Tim fountain, manager of Ni military and aerospace market development department. "We are very happy to cooperate with BAE Systems and phase matrix to develop a first-class test platform, which makes the powerful functions and excellent performance of PXI express benefit military and commercial RF applications."

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