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Ni recently launched 15 embedded i/o module hardware for board level applications

in April 2009, National Instruments (Ni) recently launched a new i/o module suite, which greatly expanded the measurement and communication function of Ni single board Rio embedded control and data acquisition equipment. Ni single boar therefore, waste plastic particle processing will become a hot development in the future. D Rio devices integrate embedded real-time processors, reconfigurable field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and on-board analog and digital i/o on a printed circuit board (PCB), which is suitable for applications requiring flexibility, high performance and reliability. Engineers and scientists can insert 15 new embedded c-series modules into Ni single board Rio devices to add new functions in embedded applications, such as high-voltage power monitoring, high-resolution analog input, strain measurement and communication

"Ni single board Rio can provide a reliable and high-performance embedded system on a printed circuit board, and has all the features and components necessary for development. It can help engineers and scientists shorten the development time and reduce the development cost. By integrating Ni single board, engineers and scientists can choose some refractory materials, flame-retardant materials Rio and new i/o products with wide applications Conveniently expand user-defined embedded systems in applications, such as power quality monitoring, building health monitoring and embedded network applications. "

-- John Hanks

-- Vice President of Ni data acquisition and industrial control products marketing department

with the new embedded C series modules, engineers and scientists can easily insert any new module directly into the three i/o expansion interfaces of Ni single board Rio equipment, and add high-performance measurement i/o to applications. The 15 new modules include a 3-channel 300 should cut off the experimental motor source V analog input and a 16 channel analog output module; 4-channel 24 bit bridge/strain module and 4-channel 24 bit general module, etc

ni single board Rio has Ni reconfigurable i/o (Rio) architecture. It is one of the products based on FPGA publishing platform. It is composed of a real-time processor, FPGA and i/o module. Because Ni single board Rio and Ni compactrio embedded control and data acquisition systems have the same system architecture, engineers and scientists can design and develop their application prototypes on compactrio, and then release the system in the low-cost compactrio integrated system or Ni single board Rio device. All Ni Rio technology platforms can be programmed conveniently through the NI LabVIEW graphical system design platform, so engineers can easily complete the work of program transplantation and release without rewriting the code when carrying out prototype development to release. In addition, engineers and scientists can also speed up the development cycle and improve system reliability when using the same hardware and software platform with the same Rio architecture in each stage of design, prototype development and release

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