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Yutong heavy industry "60 Nuggets" production

Guide: the 60 Nuggets wheel loader developed by Yutong heavy industry was recently produced. Br br 60 digger wheel loader is a new product developed by Yutong heavy industry in combination with the large-scale development trend of construction machinery at home and abroad. Loading and unloading of soil, coal and other bulk materials should not have signs of slipping. The transmission system of this product is completely

the "60 Nuggets" wheel loader developed by Yutong heavy industry was recently produced

"60 gold digger" wheel loader is a new product developed by Yutong heavy industry, which will prove the quality of the instrument and the reputation of the store in combination with the large-scale development trend of construction machinery at home and abroad. Mainly loading and unloading soil, coal and other bulk materials. The transmission system of this product is completely based on the transmission components of the company's military loaders. The whole vehicle has reliable quality, excellent performance and high cost performance

main features:

the streamlined design of the whole machine has the characteristics of the times

the new cab has fashionable appearance, novel shape and spacious and luxurious interior

fully sealed cab, low noise, combined instrument panel, luxurious shock-absorbing engineering seat, standard auxiliary seat

the transmission system

adopts Steyr wd615.64g-28 supercharged engine produced by Weifang Diesel Power Co., Ltd., which has high reliability, low fuel consumption and good power performance

the split four working wheel one-stage integrated hydraulic torque converter is adopted, which has the characteristics of large transmission power, high transmission efficiency, high reliability and good maintainability

the transmission is a fixed shaft hydraulic power shift transmission, with four gears forward and four gears backward. The clutch and oil passage are external, with low failure rate, high reliability and convenient maintenance

the wheelbase of the front and rear axles is as high as 3.35 meters, which greatly improves the stability of the whole machine. The anti overturning load is more than 14 tons, which is generally more than 1 ton higher than that of the same industry

the rear axle is a center swing type, the transmission parts work reasonably, the failure rate is small, and the swing angle is as high as ± 11 °, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of wheel suspension when working on potholes

working device

the extended frame optimized by computer improves the stability, reliability, service life and digging force of the whole machine

working device, using the structure of advanced single rocker arm, short pull rod and horizontal oil cylinder, the maximum digging force can reach 200kn, the coke bucket capacity of 4.5m3 and the unloading height can reach 3300mm, all of which are of the highest level in the industry

hydraulic system:

imported Mobil Oil with excellent performance is used for the key hydraulic system

the hydraulic system of the whole machine adopts German DIN standard, and the key parts adopt imported sealing elements, which have good performance and anti leakage

it adopts hydraulic pilot control, which is flexible and light, making the loader work more efficiently

the hydraulic system adopts the most advanced unloading technology in China, which makes the whole system more energy-saving, with small flow loss, and greatly improves the working efficiency of the whole machine

advanced double pump confluence technology saves fuel, improves the fuel economy of the whole machine, and has high operation efficiency

the articulated steering system with coaxial flow amplification is adopted, which has flexible steering, small turning radius and high horizontal passing capacity

optimize the design of the heat dissipation system, improve the efficiency of the system, and make the heat balance system more perfect and advanced

steering system and braking system

the steering system adopts articulated steering with coaxial flow amplification, which makes the steering more rapid, flexible and convenient

the caliper disc brake system with single pipe is used, which has reliable braking and short braking distance. The optional brake off function allows users to have more choices when driving on slopes

main technical parameters

engine model wd615.64g-28

rated power (kw) 175

rated speed (r/min) 2200

operating mass (T) 19.5

overall dimension (mm × mm × mm) 8200 × three thousand and ninety × 3380

bucket capacity (M3) standard bucket 3.2 3280

coal bucket 3 The brand of spring fatigue testing machine represents the quality of the equipment to a certain extent. 6 3212

coke bucket 5.5 3150

4.3 3000

4.0 3100

3.7 3220

vehicle speed (km/h) (forward and reverse gear are the same)

materials and design used in manufacturing and processing in gear 1 0~ 7

second gear 0~14

third gear 0~23

fourth gear 0~41

maximum unloading height (mm) 3280

three items and time (s) 11.2

minimum turning radius (mm) 6140

digging force (KN) 210

wheelbase (mm) 3350

wheelbase (mm) 2250

minimum ground clearance (mm) 450

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