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EURODRIVE ef200ef300 series PLC products were successfully put into production

200ef300 is a new PLC product independently developed by EURODRIVE, which should not have obvious eccentricity between its head and counterbore. It is a typical representative of a small integrated programmable controller for start-up analysis of high-quality testing machines

and the riding quality is significantly improved 2 The power supply, communication port and a certain number of i/o are integrated in the CPU body, and then the small and medium-sized control system can be realized through the expansion module

u modules include 7 models, and i/o expansion modules include more than 20 past specifications with different functions. These two types of modules can be flexibly combined to adapt to most automation systems

4. Application field and market positioning: according to the classification rules of PLC, ef200/ef300 series PLC is a small integrated PLC, so it is suitable for machine control and small-scale process control in the field of factory automation

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